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Atayne performance shirtsWe’re excited to announce that Atayne is sponsoring an Earth Week contest here on We’ve previously written about Atanye and their sweet POV shirts. As for performance, Bryon just ran 125 miles across the Sahara in five days in his green Atayne 4Rs shirt (pictured below) and it smelled a whole lot better than him when he finished. Of course, it would have been nice if the many water bottles Bryon used during the race could have been saved, as all of Atayne’s shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles! Anyway, keep reading if you’re interested in winning one of 5 $50 Atayne gift certificates!

Atayne in Morocco – photo by George Velasco

Besides minimizing the environmental impact of its shirts, Atayne has some innovative approaches for greening the running community. One of our favorites is the “trash run,” which is a run during which one collects trash. Atayne has coordinated trash runs at some races, but also encourages individuals to collect trash on their runs. (Read about Atayne and trash runs) With this in mind, we thought it fitting to make Atayne Earth Week contest entry contingent upon committing to a trash run. Therefore, all you need to do to enter the contest is to leave a comment and include the message “I will run for trash.” You’ll be on the honor system for actually following through with your commitment. We’ll draw names at 8 p.m. EDT on Arbor Day (Friday, April 24). Feel free to tell your friends about the idea of cleaning up where they run AND the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Atayne!

If you want to jump the gun and pick up an Atayne shirt now, enter the code – friendirunfar – in the Coupon Code/Promotional Code Field when you check out. If you do, you’ll get free shipping.

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  1. Kiry

    Bryon, don't know if you noticed but I ran the BRR 50 Miler in my Atayne Run Hard, Tread Lightly shirt. I LOVE IT! **I WILL RUN FOR TRASH!**

  2. Craig Thornley

    Is Bryan really writing in third person now? Oh my, what happened to Byron in the desert? OK, I will run for trash [for Brian].

  3. Meghan

    Ohmygosh, one of the earlier comments is so funny! Much to my continued amusement, Bryon has been speaking in the third (and often plural) person for a while, long before his Saharan galavanting. :)I will hike in Yosemite for trash. (Is hiking alright? Tourist season has descended up Yosemite and so has their trash.)iRunFar and Atayne rock! Happy Earth Day!Meghan

  4. Bryon Powell

    Anonymous (April 20, 2009 4:06 PM), it would be helpful if you left a name or some sort of identifying information if you want to enter the contest. :-)

  5. oneday100miles

    I ran for trash last weekend. Picking up trash other runners had dropped during a 50k I was running. I will run for trash. I try to always run for trash I don't like to look at it on the trails so I just pick it up and enjoy the short rest! Thanks for putting the trash to good use I love my Atayne shirt!

  6. Anonymous

    I have run for trash and loved it [funnest race ever]! And I, too, will run for trash! :0)Milly from Beer Runners in Chicago[I can't figure out how to leave my name]

  7. Barbara

    Spike, the recycle dog, and I will walk/run for trash, as usual…and I will try to get some of my son's track team to run,too! Stay tuned!

  8. Anonymous

    I will run/jog/walk for trash.“Any fitness activity you choose to participate in, while at the same time performing environmental clean-up, labels you an 'Eco-Runner,' or whatever title you so choose. Eco-conscious behavior can involve so much more than just running….The Eco-Runner concept can be applied to any activity you love. Leave nothing but footprints. And take someone else's trash with you.” (Sam Huber, as quoted in the Atayne 360 April '09 newsletter)

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