Anna Frost, 2015 Hardrock 100 Champion, Finish-Line Interview

Anna Frost won the 2015 Hardrock 100 after a long battle with second place Darcy Piceu. In her finish-line interview, Anna talks about the highs and lows of her race, how important this race was for her, and what her battle for the win with Darcy was like.

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Anna Frost, 2015 Hardrock 100 Champion, Finish-Line Interview Transcript

Dale Garland: If you have questions or anything, Anna will take them.

Anna Frost: Well done, Kilian.

Kilian Jornet: Good job! Quite a race!

Frost: I know. It wasn’t going to be.

Jornet: Yeah, well done.

Frost: Maybe for you.

Jornet: Almost for you.

Frost: I was not so long ago lying on the ground in a blanket. Such a cool race.

Jornet: So good. Yeah.

Frost: So hard.

Jornet: So good.

Frost: I think the hardest race I’ve ever done in my life.

Jornet: Yeah, I can imagine that.

Rickey Gates: I’m sorry the accordion was so noisy last night.

Photographer: It was rocking.

Gates: It was rolling.

Frost: Oh, no, I wasn’t…

Gates: You weren’t there.

Frost: No, I was in the pain cave. I can’t even remember being in Telluride, to be honest. Thanks, everyone. Amazing.

Gates: They want to see a jig like… [dance moves].

Frost: I can’t do that right now. One hundred miles on these legs.

Photographer: I think they’re expecting you to say something profound.

Frost: Oh, would you like me to say something?

Crowd: Sure.

Frost: Darcy and I had a good battle. I started running with her in the morning, and then I had a go at it. Then things turned to custard pretty much just outside Telluride. First, my head went. It was going up Camp Bird Road. If any of you have run up there you get why my head might have gone. Then my body went. It didn’t want to play the game, so I sat down on the road and had a lot with my poor pacer. Thanks to my pacers, by the way, and my crew and my mum and dad. It was a big help to get me through the day. And all the friends in Durango and Silverton that I’ve met—new friends and old friends—you were all there with me today especially when I was lying on the ground with my feet up in the air in a blanket in… where was I? Chapman. At the top of the one out of Telluride, I don’t know what it’s called [Crowd: Oscar’s], yeah, on your way to Oscars, I got really cold and really miserable and tried to go to sleep. I’ve never had that before where my eyes just wouldn’t open. I kept saying to my pacer, “Just let me sleep for a minute or two.” He was like, “You’ll die of hypothermia up here.” Just after that, Darcy passed me and we had a big hug on that snowfield and congratulated each other for what we’d done so far. Then she just took off. Then a little bit later just as we came up to Grant-Swamp at sunrise, we saw her. So we said, “Well, why not? Let’s have a go. What have we got to lose? You’re already miserable anyway.” Then, yeah, I think she had a bit of a low patch, and I had a high patch. I really nailed my legs to get them here before… so she’s not going to be far away, and I’m proud and privileged to have raced with her and to have taken the win from her. She will always be a huge inspiration and role model for me as a runner here at Hardrock especially. There’s no other woman that can nail this course like she can. It’s a huge privilege for me to be part of her gang now. Thank you. Thanks.