Aleksandr Sorokin Breaks Own 100k World Record by 6 Seconds: 6:05:35

Lithuania’s Aleksandr Sorokin sets a new 100-kilometer world record of 6:05:35 on May 14, 2023.

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Lithuania’s Aleksandr Sorokin broke his own 100-kilometer world record by running a 6:05:35 (unofficial) at the 2023 World’s Fastest Run event in Vilnius, Lithuania, on May 14, 2023.

Sorokin set the previous 100k world record of 6:05:41 at the Centurion Running Track 100 Mile in Bedford, United Kingdom, on Saturday, April 23, 2022 (post-race interview).

100 km World Record - May 2023 - Aleksandr Sorokin - Running Strong

Aleksandr Sorokin running strong on his way to setting another world record, this time the 100-kilometer world record in 6:05:35, at the 2023 World’s Fastest Run in Lithuania. Photo: NORD Security

To put Sorokin’s run into perspective, that’s 5:53 per mile or 3:39 per kilometer pace for 62.2 miles/100 kilometers.

In addition, that 6-second world record means that he ran just 0.027% under his previous world record. Talk about consistency! (If I’m doing the pre-coffee math correctly, at his average pace, he’d have beaten his earlier self by less than 30 meters!)

100 km World Record - May 2023 - Aleksandr Sorokin - Checking Pace

Aleksandr Sorokin checking his pace en route to his 100-kilometer world record, at the 2023 World’s Fastest Run. Photo: NORD Security

“I am extremely happy that I managed to break a world record and that I did so in my native city. Vilnius is the city where I started running and it’s my great pleasure to thank it by making history right here,” said Sorokin according to event sponsor NORD Security.

Sorokin also owns the world records for running 100 miles in 10 hours, 51 minutes, and 39 seconds, as well as 12 hours by running 110.24 miles/177.41 kilometers in that time (interview) and the world record for 24 hours with a distance of 198.6 miles/319.6 kilometers (interview).

100 km World Record - May 2023 - Aleksandr Sorokin - In Group

Aleksandr Sorokin running with others, presumably early in his world record effort, at the 2023 World’s Fastest Run. Photo: NORD Security

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