Adam Campbell Post-2011 CCC Interview

Not many Americans know much about either Adam Campbell or the CCC. Both are stars in the trail running world. Adam Campbell is the current Canadian 50 mile national champion. The CCC (Courmayeur, Champex, Chamonix) is a 98 km sister to The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and is probably the most competitive trail 100k(ish) race in Europe. Did I forget to mention that Campbell’s 50 mile championship was a Canadian trail 50 mile national record [broken link removed]? Yeah, 5:44 ain’t half bad. On Friday, he managed to place second in the CCC in 10:29:33…. it was his first ever run over 6 hours! Get to know this great Canadian and the race he ran in the following interview.

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  1. Pat Cawley

    Definitely seems like a class act. And just as the UTMB is the "world summit of ultrarunners," iRunFar has become the dominant web site for coverage of ultrarunning everywhere. Very well done, Bryon.

  2. derrick

    Great interview. Nice to see Adam have a great race at CCC and get some of the recognition he deserves. Good to see a strong Canadian contingent making an impact these days and will be interesting over the next few years.

  3. Adamo

    Thanks all for the kind comments. The CCC is a wonderful race (yes, I'm biased) and I'd encourage anyone who's daunted by the UTMB, but still wants a flavour of the racing, high level competition and a great challenge to give it a go. Thanks also to Bryon for the chat and for all the other interviews. The site's a great resource and some the athlete comments and perspectives are super insightful and more than inspiring. Thanks also for keeping us all up to date as the races unfold. You've consummed many a weekend with virtual race follows.

  4. Tatiana

    Thanks for the interview, Bryon. It's nice to hear re. the race I ran from someone at such level as Adam.

    BTW, I saw you at Chamonix, but you were to busy to return my unsure "hello"…

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