Bryon Powell Bears Ears National Monument 2017 Adventure

I should be out running to from home and through Bears Ears National Monument from Friday, September 29th through Saturday, October 7. (It’s possible that the trip’s end could be a day or two either way, but that’s the rough plan.) This page is primarily meant as a way for my family and close friends to follow what I anticipate will be a memorable trip. I also share it to alleviate their concerns and anxieties. Please know that I plan to turn the SPOT off every evening once I make camp and turn it back on in the morning as I’m breaking camp.

The primary reason behind this adventure is to explore and eventually promote the incredible public resource that is the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument. It’s an fantastic landscape filled with cultural legacy and archeological resources beyond imagination. It’s also under threat in the current political environment. As a resident of San Juan county, Utah, (in which Bears Ears National Monument sits in its entirety), I whole-heartedly support the preservation of Bears Ears at its current (or larger) boundaries. If you wish to help defend the monument, I strongly suggest following the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) to stay informed, take action to support their efforts, and, if you’re able, make a donation. For more than three decades, SUWA has been an ardent and effective advocate for Utah’s wildlands, which have been and continue to be the front line for attacks on public lands issues in the United States. Let’s do this!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! If the map below isn’t working, you can click this link to go to the map on the SPOT website.