2024 Western States 100 Top Entrants

The top entrants for the 2024 Western States 100.

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The lottery for the 2024 Western States 100 took place on Saturday, December 2, 2023, in California.

The Western States 100 runs the 100-mile length of the iconic Western States Trail, through the Sierra Nevada range in California. The net downhill race, with its 22,000 feet of descending and 18,000 feet of climbing, is known for hot conditions and hotter competition.

For this year, an incredible 9,388 people applied for the lotto. With just 375 places on the start line available for 2024, it is one of the most sought-after races in the ultrarunning world, attracting elites and recreational runners alike from around the world.

While approximately two thirds of the field gets in via the lottery, most elites secure their place via another means.

In this article, we break down the list of top runners who have gained entry to the 2024 Western States 100 through various means, and we will update this article as more fast runners secure places.

Here’s the list of runners chosen in the 2024 Western States 100 lottery, here’s the current entrants list, and here’s the waitlist.

2022 Western States 100 - start

The start of the 2022 Western States 100. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Men’s Top-10 Returnees for the 2024 Western States 100

The top 10 runners in the 2023 race were invited to return for 2024. Seven have claimed their entries, and three have not.

    1. Tom Evans (U.K) – 14:40:22 (pre-race and post-race interviews)
    2. Tyler Green – 15:04:09 (post-race interview)
    3. Anthony Costales – 15:09:16 (pre-race and post-race interviews)
    4. Jia-Sheng Shen (China) – 15:19:42
    5. Daniel Jones (New Zealand) – 15:22:15
    6. Mathieu Blanchard (Canada, lives in France) – 15:37:02 (pre-race interview)
    7. Ryan Montgomery – 15:38:35
    8. Jeff Colt – 15:42:09
    9. Cole Watson – 15:54:36
    10. Janosch Kowalczyk (Germany) – 16:09:19

[Editor’s Note: Ryan Montgomery identifies as non-binary, and competes in the men’s category.]

2023 Western States 100 - Tyler Green - Foresthill

Tyler Green opening up his stride later in the race coming into Foresthill. He would go on to take second in the 2023 Western States 100. Photo: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

Women’s Top-10 Returnees for the 2024 Western States 100

As with the men, the top-10 women from the 2023 race were invited to return for 2024. Eight have chosen their entries, while two have declined.

  1. Courtney Dauwalter – 15:29:33 (pre-race and post-race interviews) (New course record; old course record – Ellie Greenwood, 16:47:19 – 2012)
  2. Katie Schide – 16:43:45 (pre-race and post-race interviews)
  3. Eszter Csillag (Hungary, lives in Hong Kong) – 17:07:55 (post-race interview)
  4. Katie Asmuth –  17:21:06
  5. Emily Hawgood (Zimbabwe, lives in the U.S.) – 17:26:22 (pre-race interview)
  6. Taylor Nowlin – 17:40:11
  7. Ida Nilsson (Sweden, lives in Norway) – 17:43:34 (pre-race interview)
  8. Priscilla Forgie (Canada) – 17:46:34
  9. Leah Yingling – 17:49:00 (pre-race interview)
  10. Meghan Morgan – 18:11:32
Katie Schide - 2023 Western States 100 second place

Katie Schide after taking second at the 2023 Western States 100. Photo: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

Fast Runners with Automatic Entry to the 2024 Western States 100

Every year, a number of runners gain entry into the race via one of the pre-lottery auto-entry methods. Below are some fast men and women who secured entries in this manner. We’ve added in parenthesis the avenue by which they secured their entry, if we know it.


  • Guo-Min Deng (China) – 3rd 2023 Hong Kong 100k (Raffle)
  • Harvey Lewis – 1st 2023 Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra; 12-time Badwater 135 finisher including 3rd in 2023 (Sponsor)


  • Kaci Lickteig – 9-time Western States 100 finisher including 1st in 2016; 1st 2023 IMTUF 100 Mile (Nine-time finisher)
  • Sally McRae – 3-time Western States 100 finisher including twice in the top 10; 1st 2023 Moab 240 Mile (Sponsor)
  • Madeline Wighardt (Canada) – 3rd 2023 Leadville 100 Mile (Sponsor)
  • Fu-Zhao Xiang (China) – 4-time UTMB finisher including 4th place in 2023 (Sponsor)

Top Lottery Entrants for the 2024 Western States 100

During the lottery, 267 names were drawn. The following men and women from the lottery could feature at the sharp end of the race.


  • Nick Coury – 5th 2022 Javelina 100 Mile; set men’s 24-hour American record in 2021


  • Jo Meek (U.K.) – 4th 2022 Mozart 100k by UTMB; 21st 2021 UTMB

Top Waitlist Entrants for the 2024 Western States 100

Further to those selected in the lottery, another 75 runners were selected for the waitlist. The following fast men made it on the waitlist, and have a chance of getting in.


  • Mike McMonagle – 1st 2023 Grindstone 100 Mile by UTMB [Editor’s Note: Mike McMonagle was accepted off the waitlist, but declined his entry.]
  • Tim Tollefson – 5th 2021 Western States 100; 1st 2023 American River 50 Mile

Hoka Golden Ticket Races Entrants for the 2024 Western States 100

For 2024, there are seven Golden Ticket races awarding entries into the Western States 100 for top finishers. Of these, six races will award entries to the top two men and women, while Black Canyon 100k will offer places to the top three men and women. In any case where a runner who finishes in a qualifying position turns down the Golden Ticket, or is already entered in Western States, the spot will fall to the next available finisher, as far as fifth place.

Here’s who’s gotten those Golden Tickets so far:


  • Jonathan Albon (U.K., lives in Norway) (CCC)
  • Dakota Jones (CCC)
  • Caleb Olson (Grindstone by UTMB)
  • Caleb Bowen (Grindstone by UTMB)
  • Jim Walmsley (Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB)
  • Simon Gosselin (France) (Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB)
  • Jonathan Rea (Javelina 100 Mile)
  • Blake Slattengren (Javelina 100 Mile)
  • Ji Duo (China) (Doi Inthanon by UTMB)
  • Robert Hajnal (Romania) (Doi Inthanon by UTMB)
  • Hayden Hawks (Black Canyon)
  • Jupiter Carera Casas (Mexico) (Black Canyon)
  • Chris Myers (Black Canyon)
  • Rod Farvard (Canyons by UTMB)
  • Petter Engdahl (Sweden, lives in Norway) (Canyons by UTMB)
Jonathan Albon - 2023 CCC champion

Jonathan Albon, 2023 CCC champion. Photo: UTMB


  • Yngvild Kaspersen (Norway) (CCC)
  • Emily Schmitz (United States, lives in France) (CCC)
  • Lotti Brinks (Grindstone by UTMB)
  • Devon Yanko (Grindstone by UTMB)
  • Eleanor Davis (U.K.) (Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB)
  • Marjo Liikanen (Finland) (Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB)
  • Heather Jackson (Javelina 100 Mile)
  • Ragna Debats (The Netherlands, lives in Spain) (Javelina 100 Mile)
  • Lin Chen (China) (Doi Inthanon by UTMB)
  • Anna Li (China) (Doi Inthanon by UTMB)
  • Rachel Drake (Black Canyon)
  • Becca Windell (Black Canyon)
  • Lauren Puretz (Black Canyon)
  • Anna Louden (née Kacius) (Canyons by UTMB)
  • Careth Arnold (Canyons by UTMB)
Yngvild Kaspersen - 2023 CCC champion

Yngvild Kaspersen on the way to winning the 2023 CCC, part of the UTMB Mont Blanc festival. Photo: UTMB

Finally, here is the whole Golden Ticket series schedule:

  • September 1, 2023 ─ CCC (France, Italy, Switzerland)
  • September 23, 2023 ─ Grindstone by UTMB 100k (Virginia, USA)
  • September 30, 2023 ─ Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB 115k (France)
  • October 28, 2023 – Javelina 100 Mile (Arizona, USA)
  • December 8, 2023 – Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 100 Mile (Thailand)
  • February 10, 2024 – Black Canyon 100k (Arizona, USA)
  • April 27, 2024 ─ The Canyons by UTMB 100k (California, USA)

[Last updated, May 17, 2024]

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  • Who are your top picks for next year’s race from the men and women named above?
  • Who did we miss that should be included in this article?
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