2022 UTMB Photo Gallery

A photo gallery from the 2022 UTMB by photographer Kirsten Kortebein.

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[Editor’s Note: Photographer and Vert.Run co-founder Kirsten Kortebein created these images at the 2022 UTMB. Enjoy!]

The 2022 UTMB was a memorable one, with a very decisive win by Katie Schide (post-race interview) in the women’s race and a new men’s course record by Kilian Jornet (post-race interview) on the men’s side. But there were plenty of other human stories unfolding along the course of the 171.5-kilometer (106.5-mile) loop around Mont Blanc, which weaved its way through France, Italy, and Switzerland. Some of the magic is captured in this photo gallery. You can also read our 2022 UTMB results article for more.

2022 UTMB Start

Katarzyna Solińska (Poland) glances at the roaring crowd before the 6 p.m. start of the 2022 UTMB on Friday, August 26. All photos: iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein

2022 UTMB Start

Fans gather on a roof overlooking the start line in Chamonix, France, while mountains loom sharply in the distance.

2022 UTMB Start

The balcony of the Chamonix city hall offers arguably the best vantage point of the UTMB start.

2022 UTMB Start

Family members of a racer smile as they tell loved ones over the phone that UTMB has started.

2022 UTMB Les Contamines food service

The town of Les Contamines, 31 kilometers into UTMB, buzzes with locals drinking beer, waving flags, and serving up hot dogs and potatoes to spectators.

2022 UTMB Les Contamines steeple

Night sweeps in over Les Contamines.

2022 UTMB Les Contamines bar

“It’s like the Tour de France for ultrarunners,” said one spectator of the jovial ambiance in Les Contamines.

2022 UTMB Les Contamines dog

UTMB attracts its fair share of four-legged fans. Here, a dog looks around to figure out what all the “dinging” is about. (It’s the cowbells.)

Runners sleep on a corridor

With midnight struck on the clock long ago, crews nap anywhere they can. In this case, Courmayeur, Italy’s warm sports center does the job. The sports center is the 80-kilometer mark for the UTMB.

Moisés Jiménez running in the dark through supporters

Moisés Jiménez (Venezuela, lives in France) heads back out into the night after re-fueling at Courmayeur.

2022 UTMB Champex Lac at dawn

A glowing sunrise over Martigny, Switzerland, brings a new day — and renewed energy — for crews and runners.

Crew waiting for runners at first light in Champex Lac

Crews unload in Champex-Lac, digging deep for energy after 14 straight hours of assisting their runners. The mountain-top village of Champex-Lac is 126 kilometers into UTMB.

A runner finishing UTMB to cheering crowds

Gabriel Santos (Argentina) breaks into a grin as he’s welcomed back into Chamonix to finish the UTMB.

A kid high fives a runner on the way in to the finish of UTMB

A young fan is elated after getting a high-five from a team finishing the 300-kilometer PTL race, one of the other events in the UTMB Mont-Blanc festival.

2022 UTMB finish - woman with outstretched arms

Racers experience a lot of emotions during an ultra, but the family and friends of finishers might experience even more. Here, a runner is greeted by his family at the finish line.

2022 UTMB finish Chamonix

The sun shines over Chamonix, France, as racers complete their tour around Mont Blanc.

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