2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Results: Event Records for Jim Walmsley and Courtney Dauwalter

Results from the 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail, a 115-kilometer race held on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

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The 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail (MIUT) kicked off at midnight on Saturday, April 23, in Porto Moniz on the northwest coast of the Portuguese island of Madeira. Runners endured steep, technical terrain over the 115-kilometer (72-mile) course and climbed some 7,200 meters (23,600 feet) to arrive in Machico on the southeast coast.

The 13th MIUT took off without a hitch, and favorable island weather paved the way for a handful of exceptional performances.

This year’s MIUT belonged to American favorites Jim Walmsley and Courtney Dauwalter, with both setting event records, although the course has changed a bit through time. At 12:58:27, Walmsley broke the tape in Machico and surpassed Francois D’Haene’s 2017 MIUT time by more than seven minutes. Less than two hours later, Dauwalter claimed a beyond-decisive win in the women’s race in 14:40:35. Her time broke the previous women’s event record of 15:00:55 set by Caroline Chaverot in 2016.

The two American runners continue to dominate following their highly successful 2021 race seasons. Their sweep in Madeira this weekend is reminiscent of their similarly impressive sweep at the 2021 Ultra-Trail Cape Town.

In a notable coincidence, both men’s and women’s silver medals went to French runners, while Switzerland took both bronzes.

2022 MIUT 115 - Start

The start of the 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 115k. Photo: Madeira Island Ultra-Trail

2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Women’s Race

The MIUT course apparently plays to Dauwalter’s strengths, and the temperate conditions may have had something to do with her strong run on this unrelenting course. She led the women’s pack through all but the second checkpoint (kilometer 22.4), where she was tied with France’s Audrey Tanguy. But by the 32.7-kilometer mark, the Coloradan had moved more than six minutes clear of Tanguy. She cemented her lead, expanding it to nearly 20 minutes by kilometer 48.4.

Dauwalter last raced MIUT in 2019, and she claimed a similarly decisive win in that race (2019 MIUT interview), finishing in a time of 15:17:05, 26 minutes clear of second-place Katie Schide. Her performance in 2022 improved on her 2019 winning time by more than half an hour.

Tanguy arrived in Machico with 16:15:17 on the clock, claiming second in the women’s race. Though she finished nearly 1.5 hours behind Dauwalter, Tanguy ran a strong race, maintaining second place throughout all but the second checkpoint, where she ran with Dauwalter. The French runner held her own, running within five minutes of her own time from her 2019 MIUT showing, where she eked out a bronze in a time of 16:10:59.

Switzerland’s Kathrin Götz claimed the final podium spot in MIUT, crossing the line at 16:39:11. Götz, like the two women ahead of her, ran a similarly steady race. The Swiss competitor took the third position by kilometer 22.4 and never let go.

Rounding out the women’s top five were France’s Maryline Nakache (16:56:06) and Sweden’s Elisabeth Borgersen (17:30:22).

2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Women’s Results

  1. Courtney Dauwalter (Salomon) – 14:40:35
  2. Audrey Tanguy (Hoka) – 16:15:17
  3. Kathrin Götz (Compressport) – 16:39:11
  4. Maryline Nakache (CIMALP) – 16:56:06
  5. Elisabeth Borgersen (Buff/SCOTT) – 17:30:22

Full results.

Courtney Dauwalter - 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail champion

Courtney Dauwalter, 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail champion. Photo: Madeira Island Ultra-Trail

2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Men’s Race

Walmsley took an immediate lead in his first international race of the year and was the first to enter each of the ten checkpoints between Porto Moniz and Machico, finishing 26:44 ahead of the runner-up.

Thibaut Garrivier was second to the podium, arriving at 13:24:58. The Frenchman ran a patient race, sitting back in ninth and seventh at the first and second checkpoints, respectively. By the time he arrived at the checkpoint in Casa do Pico Ruivo (kilometer 74.2), Garrivier had climbed up through the field and was in second place. He maintained that position for the remaining 40.8 kilometers (25.4 miles).

Switzerland’s Jean-Philippe Tschumi closed out the men’s podium at 13:38:55, nearly 41 minutes behind Walmsley. Tschumi and Garrivier were hot on each other’s heels from the start — both men shared the ninth position at checkpoint one. The Swiss runner had pulled into second place by the 48.4-kilometer mark, then dropped to third at kilometer 63.2 and kept that rank through to the end.

Fourth and fifth place belonged to Frenchman living in Canada Mathieu Blanchard (13:51:43) and Italy’s Andreas Reiterer (14:10:01).

2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Men’s Results

  1. Jim Walmsley (Hoka) – 12:58:14
  2. Thibaut Garrivier (Hoka) – 13:24:58
  3. Jean-Philippe Tschumi (Hoka) – 13:38:55
  4. Mathieu Blanchard (Salomon) – 13:51:43
  5. Andreas Reiterer (Asics) – 14:10:01

Full results.

Jim Walmsley - 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail champion

Jim Walmsley on his way to winning the 2022 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail. Photo: Madeira Island Ultra-Trail

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