2021 Hardrock 100 Live Coverage

Kailas logo[Editor’s Note: While we’ll continue to provide updates here through Sunday morning’s award’s ceremony, you can get a quick recap of what happened at the front of this year’s Hardrock field in our 2021 Hardrock 100 results article.]

The 2021 Hardrock 100 begins in downtown Silverton, Colorado at 6 a.m. U.S. Mountain Daylight Time on Friday, July 16. From there, 146 runners will have 48 hours to traverse the 100 miles and 33,000-plus feet of gain in this year’s counterclockwise loop back to Silverton, where they’ll kiss the rock to stop the clock.

For such a small event, there’ll be some exciting action at the front of the men’s and women’s races. We’ll be livecasting the event over on iRunFar’s Twitter feed with text and photo reports from all over the course. We’ll also be combining our Twitter feed with other possible news sources in the combined feed below.

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Resources for Following the 2021 Hardrock 100

Squirrel's Nut Butter - logoHere are a couple resources to help you follow the race (with more to follow as race day approaches):

Post-Race Resources

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At a race as long and remote as Hardrock, there will be time gaps between our coverage. Here are some Hardrock-related nuggets to fill your time:

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There are 16 comments

  1. Amy McDowell

    Yay! I love your coverage of the big races, and I love that this one starts on a Friday so I can be distracted from work =)

  2. Buzz

    Any way to synchronize the trackers for runners in the same race. I thought that Francios fell behind to 3rd place only to see that his data was 30 minutes old.

    1. Ben

      If you click the little lightning symbol it puts it in predictive mode which smoothed out the jerkiness caused by the intermittent gps readings. It’s an estimate but so far has given a clearer sense of the race.

  3. Beth

    Thanks for the Hardrock coverage, both the live updates (always tricky on a course like this) and absolutely brilliant pre-race interviews and previous race footage (you satisfied my appetite for ‘all things Hardrock’ leading up to race day).
    All the best for Megan’s run!

  4. Andy Cole

    Great coverage, but… no articles or profiles of all the old timers who hog the majority of the entry slots? Aren’t they supposed to be what makes this a special race… not the course, not the volunteers, not the towns… It’s the old guys who’ve already run the race before!

  5. Anna M

    Thanks so much for covering this. The pre-race interviews were great! I too would like a bit more coverage of the non-elites. Maybe you could pick a couple of back-of-the packers out and ask them about their journey into the race? It would be nice to see more “Golden Hour” coverage like the WSER.

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