2016 Ultra-Trail World Tour Schedule Announced

Ultra-Trail World TourThe second year of the Ultra-Trail World Tour concluded today with an awards ceremony honoring top 2015 finishers and an announcement of the 2016 tour.

2016 Ultra-Trail World Tour Schedule

In 2016, the UTWT will consist of 12 races:

Changes to the UTWT schedule and structure for 2016 seem minimal.

Next year sees the addition of Portugal’s Madeira Island Ultra Trail. Madeira Island Ultra Trail was treated as a ‘future’ race during last year’s circuit, receiving publicity and attention from the UTWT, but it wasn’t included as a scoring race for the tour. For 2016, it’s fully included in the tour.

Like for 2015, there will be five UTWT Series races among those 12 races included in the tour during which competitors can earn extra points. The 2015 Series races, Transgrancanaria, Marathon des Sables, Ultra-Trail Australia, UTMB, and Diagonale des Fous, remain the Series races for 2016.

‘Future’ UTWT Races

There are at least six more races being considered as ‘future’ UTWT races. We think this means that they will be treated in 2016 as Madeira was this year, that they are being considered for full inclusion in the tour in 2017 and beyond. Here are the six ‘future’ UTWT races:

We also understand that the UTWT may announce up to three more ‘future’ races this fall, but that those can’t yet be confirmed.

Call for Comments

  • Did you participate in the Ultra-Trail World Tour in 2015? If so, what did you think?
  • What are your thoughts on the 2016 UTWT schedule?
  • Are you tempted to try one of these races?
Meghan Hicks

is iRunFar.com's Managing Editor and the author of 'Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running.' The converted road runner finished her first trail ultramarathon in 2006 and loves using running to visit the world's wildest places.

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  1. Longsauce

    I participated in TNF100 Australia in 2014 (now UTA100) and the Vibram100 this year, both events were fantastic with great organisation, amazing volunteers and beautiful courses…the UTA100 remains perhaps my favourite race and I will be having another crack at it in 2016…there does not seem to be too much difference in the 2016 UTWT schedule, it is still early days for the tour but I like to think that it is already establishing somewhat of a reputation for putting on well-organised and highly accessible races that also manage to showcase the environment in which they are run. I guess the key issues in my opinion are how much can they expand the tour before it gets "too" big and will it always consist of permanent races, or will there be a rotation element introduced…overall I love the concept and hope to participate in most, if not all, of the races at some point in my life.

    1. Longsauce

      What was the initial reasoning behind changing the date this year? I would think that they might be inclined to revert it back to the previous date given the weather and course issues they had this year.

      By the way Dylan, will we be seeing you again down under next year at UTA100?

    2. Meghan Hicks

      DBo and Longsauce, all the info we’ve received so far shows September, 2016 for UTMF. I don’t *think* the race will be moved back to the springtime, as it was moved to fall for a temporally dependent environmental issue–protecting bird habitat during breeding season. UTMF is held to/holds itself to some really strict environmental standards, way stricter than any other big race I’ve been to around the world. Because of those standards, UTMF is always going to be subject to course changes if it rains more than a moderate amount, to take the course out of the most sensitive areas it travels through. However, the organization has done a good job of coming up with decent alternate routes so that the race can happen still in rainy weather. This year’s rain was a result of a relatively unusual event, the outflow of a pretty large typhoon (if I understood correctly, not particularly powerful but large in terms of the land area it ‘covered’) quite far southeast of the race.

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