2015 Ultravasan 90k Live Coverage

VasaloppetSweden’s 90-kilometer UltraVasan starts at 5 a.m. CEST on Saturday morning (9 p.m. Friday evening MDT in the US) in Sålen before running the historic route to Mora. We’re here in Sweden to cover the race. We’ll focus on the men’s showdown as injury and politics have eliminated what was to be a competitive women’s race, but, as always, we’ll provide updates there when we can.

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

Thanks to the Vasaloppet organization for making our coverage of Ultravasan possible!

Live Coverage of Ultravasan 2015

Our 2015 Ultravasan Twitter List

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

Live Video of the Ultravasan Finish

There is one comment

  1. @WorldTrailRun

    What is typical of an Ultras/trail race in Europe, the longer and most +meters gain.
    Could there be an interest for shorter flatter races? A flat, fast, short Ultra, after all Trail running is now part of the IAAF.

  2. rmsquires

    I watched all the tweets, and have a few questions

    How far into race debt did Max go to win the 1200E prize around 50k? It appears he lost much time immediately afterwards

    Who is the lady in the long dress greeting Jonas at the finish? A relative or race official?

    What's the story on the two fourth place finishers, where they both French or on the same team?

    1. @Larscarl

      The fourth place finishers were both french and on the same team, Team Asics Trail.

      The lady in the green dress is the traditional "kranskulla", krans means wreath in swedish and kulla is a local word for woman. This race originated as a cross country ski race in 1922 and the kranskulla has been a tradition ever since. The clothing is a local traditional clothing, mainly used on festive occasions.

    2. Matt Flaherty

      As for Max, he decided to put in a surge for the mid-race prime (spurtpris) maybe a mile or two out. He had a short gap on Jonas from that surge that he mostly lost in the aid station. But Max said he had trouble on the long road downhill that followed and this is where Jonas first pulled away. I'm sure the surge didn't help Max to feel good, but the reality is that Jonas had an unreal performance and no one was touching him yesterday!

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