2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Results

Results of the 2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile.

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Ice Age Trail 50 Mile sq[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Nicholas Wied.]

Relatively cool air temperatures at the start which rose to near 80 degrees Fahrenheit along with a decent relative humidity through the day greeted and challenged the hundreds who took part in this weekend’s Ice Age Trail 50 Mile. One word describes the men’s race–speed–and Max King ended up being the fastest, resetting the course record in the process! The women’s race was a little more spread out with Kaci Lickteig also setting a new course record. The race is a part of the Montrail Ultra Cup, meaning that three men and women each were awarded entries into the Western States 100 for their performances.

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2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Men’s Race

On a day that went from cool to hot, causing many to melt down, the front of the men’s field delivered their own version of heat. This type of heat can only be described as blistering speed! Standing at the mile 9 aid station as the lead men came through, the phrase I kept hearing was, “They are running impossibly fast; there is going to be major carnage today!” While there was some carnage, a number of guys held that fast pace all day.

Max King leading off the Ice Age 50 on his way to a shiny course record and WS100 entry. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Max King leading off the Ice Age 50 on his way to a course record and WS100 entry. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Max King however started fast and finished faster, crushing Andy Jones’s 26-year-old course record of 5:53:21 by more than 12 minutes, and earning his entry to Western States 100. Max ran 69 minutes for the final 10 miles!

Even more impressive was that the top four of the men’s field did not change from mile 9 to the finish. Not only did Max go under the old record but second place Matt Flaherty, who ran 72 minutes for the last 10 miles, also went under by almost four minutes.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile - Matt Flaherty

Matt Flaherty finishing second. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

The men’s race saw four men go under 6 hours. Not only is this the most in one day, but in the previous 32 years only five total have gone under 6 hours. Following up on his breakout 2013, Brian Condon finished just in front of a hard-charging Michael Owen for the final Western States spot.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile - Brian Condon

Brian Condon at mile 40. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Zach Bitter ran in sixth almost all day while Matt Laye and Iaun Ridgway both ran really tough races, continually moving up in the field to finish fifth and seventh. Jason Wolfe battled the heat to take eighth. Rounding out the top 10 were locals Kevin Grabowski and Chris Rubesch who each ran smart and fast races.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Men’s Results

  1. Max King (Montrail) – 5:41:07 (course record)
  2. Matt Flaherty (Salomon) – 5:49:13
  3. Brian Condon – 5:58:24
  4. Michael Owen – 5:59:56
  5. Matt Laye – 6:14:43
  6. Zach Bitter (Altra) – 6:19:52
  7. Ian Ridgeway – 6:36:18
  8. Jason Wolfe (AdiUltra) – 6:41:14
  9. Kevin Grabowski (Lapham Peak Trail Runners) – 6:49:51
  10. Chris Rubesch – 6:54:14

Race results.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Women’s Race

The women’s race deviated a bit from the men’s in that the field spread out much earlier. The lead women came through the mile 9 aid station as one large group of six. By mile 17 the group had spread with Kaci Lickteig taking charge. Kaci managed to not only run away from the women with a screaming 6:41:39, but she also reset the course record held by Cassie Scallon. In the process of running a 72-minute final 10 miles (the same time it took second-place male Matt Flaherty), she ran herself into ninth overall.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile - Kaci Lickteig

Kaci Lickteig leading at the marathon mark. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Kaci already had her Western States 100 ticket from finishing second at the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile (post-race interview) earlier this year so her entry rolled down to fourth place. Kate Pallardy came in from New York and moved into second place by mile 17 where she would stay for the next 33 miles, earning her first chance to run Western States.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile - Kate Pallardy

Kate Pallardy running her way into second place. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Both Larisa Dannis and Gina Lucrezi ran tough races for third and fourth as well as the last two WS100 slots.

2013 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile - women's pack mile 9

Larisa Dannis (center) and Gina Lucrezi (right) leading the women through mile 9. Photo: iRunFar/Nicholas Wied

Tracy Hoeg ran in fifth most of the day, while local runner Jessica Garcia moved up in the field, running hard into sixth. Maddy Hribar ran into seventh while locals Alisha Damrow, Erin Lumbard, and Kristen Frey went eight, nine, and 10.

2014 Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Women’s Results

  1. Kaci Lickteig (Pearl Izumi) – 6:41:39 (course record)
  2. Kate Pallardy – 7:04:16
  3. Larisa Dannis (Altra) – 7:15:39
  4. Gina Lucrezi (PepsiCo) – 7:37:30
  5. Tracy Hoeg (Salomon) – 8:01:00
  6. Jessica Garcia – 8:14:48
  7. Maddy Hribar – 8:17:42
  8. Alisha Damrow – 8:34:33
  9. Erin Lumbard – 8:44:13
  10. Kristin Frey – 8:49:33

Race results.

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