2013 Comrades Marathon Results

Comrades MarathonThe world’s largest ultra, the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, was run on Sunday, June 2nd, for the 88th time. This hilly road course direction alternates and this year was the ‘up’ run, starting on the coast in Durban and finishing higher up inland at Pietermaritzburg for a total of just over a double marathon at 87.3k (54.3 miles). The rolling course has approximately 6,600 feet of ascent and 4,700 feet of descent with five major hills but not much flat running in between.

It’s been fully live-televised nationally in South Africa for years and offers a massive prize purse – winning with a course record and sponsor bonuses grosses over US$100,000 with money stretching down to 10th. The top 10 men and women receive medals made of actual gold. More details about the race can be found in our last year’s pre-race article.

That kind of incentive always leads to a furious race at the front with insane speeds for the fastest runners, but this year it ended in a more comfortable margin for the winners than in recent years. The top 10 men were spaced out over 10 minutes last year, but that was almost the gap between first and second this time. Plus the dominant Russian twins, Elena (eight wins including this one) and Olesya (two wins) Nurgalieva, continued to obliterate the competition with no women within 16 minutes of them at the end. Unfortunately, Ellie Greenwood was unable to run due to injury after finishing second and only a minute back last year.

The up run course records remained intact as follows:

  • Men: Leonid Shvetsov (Russia) – 5:24:49 (2008)
  • Women: Elena Nurgalieva (Russia) – 6:09:23 (2006)

Initial Men’s Results (subject to drug tests)

  1. Claude Moshiywa – 5:32:09
  2. Jonas Buud – 5:41:21
  3. Mpesela Ntlosoeu – 5:43:38
  4. Ludwick Mamabolo – 5:45:49
  5. Johannes Kekana – 5:46:27
  6. Henry Moyo – 5:46:52
  7. Joseph Mphuthi – 5:48:00
  8. Mike Fokoroni – 5:50:11
  9. Rufus Photo – 5:51:52
  10. Stephen Muzinghi – 5:52:38

 Initial Women’s Results (subject to drug tests)

  1. Elena Nurgalieva – 6:27:09
  2. Olesya Nurgalieva – 6:28:07
  3. Irina Antropova – 6:44:36
  4. Joasia Zakrzewski – 6:53:29
  5. Charne Bosman – 6:53:35
  6. Marina Zhalybina – 6:56:55
  7. Holly Rush – 7:04:21
  8. Melanie Van Rooyen – 7:08:09
  9. Kerry Koen – 7:15:07
  10. Julanie Basson – 7:21:02

Full results.

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  1. richard felton

    yes shame on the "subject to drugs test" inclusion. personal opinion is that its totally unnecessary, yes I know their is history but I wont find the diamond league results being listed as subject to drugs test. but moving on – really appreciate the results article and the tireless work you do for sport. thanks from the uk

  2. Peter Andersson

    A Swedish site says that Jonas Buud was 36:th halfway, Comrades seems to be too short for this pacing machine. He was also second in UTMB last year when he wasn't even in top shape (far down the list in Comrades before that), God knows what he'll do later this year if he stays healthy.

  3. Andrew

    I was watching just past halfway – the pace of the top runners is incredible.

    Jonas Buud must be the most incredible pace machine as he was nowhere and pulle dthrough to second!

    Super happy to have the first South African winner for the up run since 1992!

  4. bernard

    It would be very helpful if you included the countries represented by the top ten men and ladies, as well as their times.

    1. Peter Andersson

      Country, shoes and team maybe? Comrades is apparently also a team event, Buud stated in an interview back here in Sweden before he left that this year he was recruited to run for a South African team, I don't know how much that effected his decision to not go with the leaders early on.

  5. Dmitry

    It was tough running this year….too hot, it felt like running in Singapore, strong wind in the face and smoke from grass burning. And despite that these good results for top runners..

  6. Ellie

    I didn't watch online but Jonas is not only fast but a smart runner. The pace that the guys start at every year at Comrades is insane. Some hope to get hot spot prizes (1/4 mark, 1/2 way and 3/4 mark preems) whilst knowing they are unlikely to win the actual race. Others are crazily optimistic of times they can finish in and just go out plain too fast. In 2012 I think I was around 300th overall at half way and finished 48th overall. But not taking away from Jonas' result which shows he's fast, smart and must have fuelled well in the heat. Congrats Jonas and congrats to Claude Moshiywa (my Nedbnak team mate with the hugest smile!)

  7. Ellie

    No doubt $$$ is a reason that some may decide that doping is worth the risk but also participants and the general public will demand anti-doping procedures are in place if $$$ are up for grabs just to ensure all is fair. If you suspect someone has doped but it's a low key race with no $$$ and maybe a plaque for an award you would be disappointed, but if you feel you may have lost out earnings/ actual $$$ because someone is doping that is a very different matter.

  8. Sammy

    It was for the second time that I ran this race, this uprun was so difficult and initially I targeted 10hrs 30min but due to the extreme heat I managed to complete the race at 11hrs 34min

  9. france

    it was my fitst time to run 87km I pushed but not up to my target time. I aimed for less thn 8:30 esh 9:40 was too much 4me

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