2012 Ultra Cavalls del Vent Live Coverage

Ultra Cavalls del VentThe 2012 Ultra Cavalls del Vent will be run in the Spanish Pyrenees starting at 9 am local (Central European) time on Saturday, September 29 with some of the best ultrarunners in the world gathered on the start line. In this, the gnarliest of this weekend’s trifecta of top-level races, the likes of Kilian Jornet, Dakota Jones, Anna Frost, and Emelie Forsberg among many others will be battling for cash, Skyrunning overall and ultra series points, as well as glory.

While we’ve rarely, if ever hosted CoverItLive sessions for races at which an iRunFar editor is not present, we’ve decided to go ahead with this one thanks for the support of the local Catalan Koala’s Team, a Skyrunning- and beer-loving group that shares iRunFar’s spirit. We’ll be combining the Koalas’ coverage with other news sources (such as Talk Ultra and Salomon Spain), which should yield an entertaining mix of English, Spanish, and Catalan commentary!

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

Please consider making a donation in support of our coverage of the Cavalls del Vent. We’re not there, but we pay to use the CoverItLive platform and will buy the Koalas some Voll Damm (beer) the next time we’re together. Purchasing items from the iRunFar Store also supports our race coverage around the world.

-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. Jeff Faulkner

    Brilliant. Bryon, this is it man. This is the future of trail racing right here. English, Spanish, and Catalan coverage. Racers from all over the world. I'll be tuned in, thanks for making this effort.

  2. Jordi

    Oh! when i started reading irunfar a few years ago, i couldn't imagine that someday i would see catalan people colaborating with it! ;) Amazing, such an international community. Great job Bryon! thanks for the coverage, even though i know moral support doesn't help much covering it. best i can do for now. (you should consider buying a regular 'damm' beer. Far cheaper than 'voll'. Not sure the koalas would accept such trade but it's worth trying

      1. Andy

        And since we're at it, let's not leave out the VT50. It is, after all, a WS100 qualifier. And best of all, it's on the 30th, so we get to follow iRF coverage all day Saturday and then run on Sunday!

        Thanks as always — I've supported the mission with purchases from iRF store and links to vendors in the past, and will continue to lend support (not just moral) whenever possible.

  3. gontxal

    I can´t belive that Antonio K wears a compulsory backpack with all the material needed.

    I can´t belive that Antonio K goes like Tarzan with the probably storms and cold in the Pirineos.

    BUT I BELIVE in any case that Antonio K can win perfectly "Caballos del Wind"

  4. phil jeremy

    My wife thinks I'm a terribly sad person because I have spent all day sitting in front of twitter following this race which has been mostly in Spanish and which I don't speak…..She thinks its not a healthy pastime. But I will have the last laugh because when its over I'm off into the mountains for a long run…..which I suspect IS a healthy pastime.

  5. Xavi

    Her name was Teresa, a very experimented ultrarunner, finisher at Mont-Blanc and at many other races. A very nice woman. She had a strong hypothermia and then her heart suffered too much. Nothing could be done at the hospital. Rest in peace

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