2008 Old Pueblo 50 Miler – A Slideshow of My Pictures

Here’s a slide show of the pictures I took yesterday during the Old Pueblo 50 miler in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains outside Sonoita, Arizona .

Note the photos now reside as a gallery.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Thanks, guys.Olga, I actually deleted a bunch of photos to get down to the 86 I posted. I'd like to post a race report in the next day or two, but things will be crazy once I return to the office tomorrow. Hot day, indeed. I almost melted out there a couple times.

  2. Jules

    Hey Trail Goat, found your blog while trying to find the OP 50 race results (never did find them). Great blog & photos! Did my first ultra at the OP 50 on Saturday, that course (plus the warm weather) was a handful. Don't have any other ultras to benchmark it against, but it was equal parts beautiful and challenging!

  3. Trail Goat

    Congrats, Jules! Did you enjoy your first ultra… at least at times? ;-) One thing you'll learn quickly about ultras is that both good and bad feelings come and go. I felt awful from mile 20 to 29, but then had a blast just cruising through miles 29-44 or 45. Then I felt bad again.Glad you like the photos and my blog. :-) BTW, I also haven't found race results yet.

  4. Jules

    Hi TG – yes, my first ultra was awesome! But sure learned the difference between this and a marathon – felt fantastic for 25 miles, then started getting hellacious leg cramps up that hill from 25 to 29 (on which Emily B passed me like I was standing still). Rest of the day was pretty much hanging on & gritting my teeth!

  5. Trail Goat

    Sure, Norbert, that would be fine. Thanks for attributing them. :-)Jules,You were fairing better than I was if Emily didn't pass you until the climb up Box Canyon. Emily pulled away from me once my energy started flagging down in the valley. When did you finish? (Still waiting for race results… )

  6. Jules

    I finished in around 9:50 by my watch, but a pretty big split – just under 4 hours on the 1st 25, then 5:50 on the back. Ran it like the rookie I was!

  7. Pinkcorker

    Did you end up doing Finger Rock? I live in Tucson and I've never done it but one of these days I will. Tucson is a great place to trail run.Congratulations on the race. I think I saw pictures of you on Angie's blog – very nice.

  8. Trail Goat

    Thanks, Dane.Pink corker,I didn't make it very far up finger rock, maybe 3/4 of a mile on Friday afternoon. I took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong end of the skyline/sunrise duo before finding the correct route. Beautiful though. I switched the picture on my preview post to one of my own taking rather than someone else's. The saguaro there are awesome! From a distance, the hillside looks like a forest in winter – lots of tall stalks. My buddy and I hiked up most of the way to the top of Pusch Pass from the north on the western end of the Catalina Mountains. I've never before done a hike that was so steep for so long. No running there!Yeah – Angie posted some pics of me from the race. I finally met her before hand, but somehow missed seeing her during the race.

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