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Joe Grant

frequently adventures in wild places, both close to home (a frequently changing location) and very far afield. He inspires others by sharing his words and images that beautifully capture the intersection of the wilds, movement, and the individual at Alpine Works.


Sitting by the fire, cradling a cup of coffee, I watch the snow fall, gently blanketing my front yard in

Personal Collective

Joe Grant writes about how running can become a collective experience rather than a solo effort.

Rekindling The Fire

Joe Grant writes about how participating in a bike race rekindled his fire for running.

Natural Rhythms

Joe Grant writes about how he falls into nature’s rhythms quickly when he is fully immersed in it.

A Run With Friends

Joe Grant writes about a long run on local trails with friends.

The Road To Zane Grey

Joe Grant narrates his road-trip adventure to the 2015 Zane Grey 50 Mile.

Back to Basics

Joe Grant writes of a return to his love of the processes behind training and racing.

In Winter

Joe Grant writes about ski touring as a winter alternative to running.

The Small Things In Life

Joe Grant discusses the varied value systems that emerge when you look at life on different scales.


Joe Grant contemplates the physical feeling of the running ritual.


Joe Grant explores the idea of freedom in multiple sporting environments.


A discussion about finding one’s place in the world again after a hard ultramarathon.