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Joe Grant

frequently adventures in wild places, both close to home (a frequently changing location) and very far afield. He inspires others by sharing his words and images that beautifully capture the intersection of the wilds, movement, and the individual at Alpine Works.

In Focus

Joe Grant explores the values of both staying focused sometimes and letting his mind wander in others.

Beating The Funk

Joe Grant writes of battling and overcoming negativity.

Balancing Act

Joe Grant writes about using his Tour de 14ers to filter out life’s distractions.

Here’s Why

Joe Grant writes about why he and his mother run long distances.

Simplify, Simplify

Joe Grant writes about the dueling simplicity and complexity of making gear choices for efficient, safe backcountry travel.


Joe Grant writes about facing and adapting to life’s challenges.

The Debutant

The tip of one of my skis is wedged in the snowbank to my left. The other one is several

Revisiting Home

Joe Grant writes about the psychological parallels between experiencing the familiar and the unknown.

Practice — 365

Joe Grant writes about taking at least one photo every day of 2015 and how doing so impacted his life.