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on May 31

What I need, unlike a hole in my head, is a fall East Coast 100 miler to run. I don’t

Haven't Hadd Enough

I think that the next time I hit the track I’ll run my first Hadd mini-test. The mini-test is a

Recreation, Rethinking, and Reinvigoration
on May 28

At the moment, I’m on a plane flying back from a great weekend in the Rockies with my dad. After

Higher and Higher
on May 23

I forgot to mention one aspect of my workout last night – my runner’s high DURING the workout. While I’ve

Who Needs Cruise Intervals?

While some friends are off galavanting around the world and running cruise intervals, I hit the track for some fun.

Round and Round We Go

Continuing with the sea change in my training regimen, I hit the track again last night with the plan on

A Blur
on May 16
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Ok, super quick update here. (1) I have no idea how much I’m running these days, only it’s not much.

Home Depot Run
on May 7

Last week was not a good week for my training. I ditch running Miwok and instead took the whole week