What I need, unlike a hole in my head, is a fall East Coast 100 miler to run. I don’t know of any. (TWOT doesn’t count… it’s not an event… it does not and never has existed.) Why isn’t there one? A 100 in Vermont, New Hampshire, or upstate NY in mid-September would be a blast. Likewise, any 100 miler following the Appalachians south just prior to autumn foliage season. Why prior to foliage season? Two reasons. First, the Appalachians and their kin tend to be rocky as all get out. The trails are tough enough when the trails are clear, but would be a royal pain in the foot with the trails were leaf covered. I’d err on the side of a holding a week too early rather than a week too late. Second, you need places for racers, pacers, crew, and volunteers to stay. This is a much easier task prior to foliage season when rooms tend to command a premium… if they can be had at all.

Central Vermont, central New Hampshire, the Adirondacks or Finger Lakes in mid-September
Late September to early October in Pennsylvania
Early to mid-October in the Shenandoah or Blue Ridge. The trails around Asheville would be nice.

Loomis, get back state side and lets put on such a run.