New Beginnings

The very first iRunFar post!

By Bryon Powell on December 7, 2006 | Leave a reply

So I’ve been doing the blogging thing for awhile (ok, over four years now), but I’ve decided to create a separate blog where I’ll account for my comings and going, my ups and downs… of the literal sort. Furthermore, this blog will be public and fully attributed, unlike my personal blog.

I’ve yet to decide on how I want to format this blog and what sort of content I intend to post on it. There are many options. I’m not sure whether I should only post the major events in my running life such as race reports, injuries, and notable runs, or if I should use this daily to account for each of my runs. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a compromise in which I post individual entries as I warrant, and post a weekly summary of my training. I’m also thinking about posting training and racing goals on both long term and short term bases. Let me know what kind of stuff y’all would be interested in reading about.

I admit that this blog is partially inspired by Montrail, an outdoor fitness equipment company (primarily shoes), that has just recently agreed to sponsor me next year. As part of the sponsorship agreement, I am supposed to provide them with at least two posts monthly for their forthcoming team blog. (More on the Montrail deal in a later post.) If I am getting back into the habit of writing about running anyway, I might as well… run with it.

Bryon Powell

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