It’s Just Running

It's Just Running
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  1. Pedro

    The guy is fast but kind of inmature. He contradicts himself, his life style and his writting do not match. He will learn like we all did.

    1. Andy

      He's probably kind of immature because he's still a kid and acting appropriately. I for one hope he never grows up, the kid's a gem.

  2. Johnnyroyale

    You spelled New Zealand wrong!!!!!!! But I like the cartoon – and the unnamed certain ultrarunner's sentiments. It is, after all, just running.

  3. Mark

    I'm also questioning the German–Polish relations as they are both female and way to close at the table! Grrrrrr…meow. Just having fun:)

    1. Mark

      A couple thoughts on "Growing Up."

      1. Take your time – It will take you the rest of your life becoming an adult.

      2. Maintain the ability to laugh at yourself. It separates the men from the boys.

      3.I will be 50 this year! My wife of 25 years still tells me I need to grow up! But that's what she digs about me…:) I hope to be an adult one day.. but only for a day…

      1. Jeff Faulkner

        Well said Mark.

        ps – Dakota is still college age, he's a kid. There's so much more (worse) he could be doing at this age. For reference, I direct you all to watch Van Wilder. ;)

  4. EJ Murphy

    Would you buy that I thought "New Zealand" would be funnier with only one "a"? OK, actually my "spell checker" was busy covering a race on a volcanic island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean so I guess I only have myself to blame. Thanks for pointing that out and glad you like the cartoon otherwise;-)

  5. EJ Murphy

    A little collaborative effort between myself and Bryon. He had a vision of a U-shaped table and a UN type ultrarunning meeting and I RAN with it so to speak:-D


  6. Alex from New Haven

    The Hype Machine had a bit of "The Emperor Has No Clothes" irony to it which I'm glad you point out.

  7. Fernando N. Baeza

    Say what you will, its a cartoon afterall…its meant to be funny. Thanks EJ, your cartoon has definately made its point! In reference to a "certain unnamed" elite ultrarunner, whether I agree or not with his statements, he deserves to speak his opinion, afterall, he runs with the "BIG" boys, he deserves his right to speak. I hope I dont step on anyones toes as this is not my intention, maybe some of this "tastesless" criticism is maldirected because some of us wish we could run as fast, or in exotic places as La Palma, whos immature now?!

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