How to Run Trails!

“How to Run Trails!” That’s about as ambitious a post title as you’ll ever see here at iRunFar… but today we share resources from some masters of the sport that we’ve collected over the past few months. While we could throw in our two cents on how to run trails (and likely will), it would be hard to improve on the following expert advice. Note that not all top trail runners agree on the finer points of trail running, so it’s worthwhile to digest more than one take on any subject. Please let us know of any other great resources on how to run trail – this is certainly a work in progress.

How to Run Uphill

  • Trail Running Uphill – Scott Jurek (Video suggesting keeping a neutral pelvis and leaning forward from the ankles – 4:05)
  • Uphill Trail Running – Nancy Hicks (A post suggesting to avoid running on your toes and to find a comfortable cadence)
  • Running Uphill – Karl Meltzer + Scott Mason (Video calling for a faster cadence and reminding that walking is OK- 1:58)

How to Run Downhill

  • Tackling the Downhills – Nikki Kimball (Video suggesting keeping your hips forward and using your arms for balance – 1:15)
  • Running Downhill – Karl Meltzer + Scott Mason (Video reminding you to look ahead for a good line, staying lower to the trail, and conserving momentum – 2:19)

Other Tips and Advice

Did you find any of these links particularly useful, unhelpful, incorrect, or inspiring?

Again, please let us know of any other great resources on how to run trails.