2013 Speedgoat 50k Live Coverage

Well, there’s one heck of a field set to race the 2013 Speedgoat 50k starting at 6:30 am Mountain Time Saturday, July 27. We’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed as well as combining our twitter feed with other possible news sources and encouraging all of you to join the discussion in the CoverItLive window below.

Hoka One One - Time to FlyHere are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. Shaun

    What a race! I loved the live coverage as I was taking care of family today. I'll be there next year! Way to go everybody! Run far!

  2. Dave T.

    I think the 100 mile specialists ought to start running with Sage from the beginning. It appears, based on their ability to close on him in the final miles, that they have the better endurance. Therefore if they run with him in the beginning they could push him and cause him to burn out earlier and they wouldn't have such a gap to make up in the end.

    1. SlowGoat

      Maybe they are just trying to hang on for dear life,trying to keep Sage in sight,he appears pretty fearless about taking it out hard,maybe send a few rabbits out with him to make him over-extend early? I'll try for the first quarter-mile next year,but then i'm crawling in.

    2. Scott

      You might be underestimating how difficult it is for them to hang with him. If it were that easy they would be doing it. Sage is a 2:16'ish marathoner…. The 100 mile specialists have an advantage in Sage's newness to the sport but that won't last long. Once he gets those distances wired tight he will be unstoppable on courses that suit him. There is a massive mental advantage on Sage's side. He can endure pain and intensity that most ultra specialists will never experience..they just don't go hard or fast enough. Sage bringing that pain tolerance, mental fortitude, and cardio capacity from being a speed-demon-marathoner to the mountains will have him crushing many veterans – just like he already has.

      1. lstomsl

        Maybe but TK had closed 6:30 on him in the last half dozen miles or so. Another couple miles and he might have caught him. Not sure I would say he "crushed" him. BTW thats the same TK that has been disparraged in the past few days on this very site as being irrelevant and not up to racing anymore. I'd say he had a pretty impressive day considering his big goals for the year have been long events like Nolans 14 and UTMB. Its hard to peak for both 5 hour and 24 hour plus race at the same time.

      2. Dave T.

        Over the first 15.5 miles Sage averaged less than 20 seconds per mile faster than Anton (9.22 verses 9.41). I think you are underestimating Anton's abilities. I think he can handle 9.22 minute miles. I'm certain he could have "hung" with Sage over those miles and more. Considering he averaged 1 minute per mile faster over the last 6-7 miles of the race, going 20 second per mile faster over the first portion of the race does not sound that unreasonable.

    3. Jake

      It will be more likely for Sage to adapt to 100 miles (not that would be easy at all), then for 100 mile specialists to be able to "run with Sage" from the beginning at shorter distances.

  3. lstomsl

    Its going to be interesting in the next few years to see how ultra-running progresses. As more events become available and more elites enter the fray i suspect we'll see some specialization begin to occur where runners pick courses that fit their capabilities. Sage may be able to adapt to 100 miles, he certainly has a huge engine and tons of raw ability, then again he might not be able to.

    In road cycling there are sprinters, climbers, time trialists, and rolleurs. It takes several years for even a pro to determine where he fits sometimes. You don't see sprinters suddenly be able to climb or vice versa. Even within groups there are sub specialties. There are climbers who are able to accelerate and get a gap and those who are diesels who may not be able to accelerate but can hold a steady pace longer and catch back up. There are climbers like Valverde and Rodriguez who can finish off a sprint at the top of a mountain if it comes to that. Climbers who can descend like Nibali who can win with a downhill finish after a long climb. There are sprinters that can climb a bit like Sagan who can win if he can drop the other sprinters on a climb. Every race has different favorites depending on its characteristics and the world championship is on a different course every year sometimes favoring sprinters, sometimes climbers. It makes for a fascinating spectator sport.

    I suspect we may begin to see something similar happening in ultra-running.

    1. Jake

      That's what's impressive about this win and course record. Running at 11000 feet with that much vertical is nothing like running 2:16 on flat roads. It's hard to pigeonhole him in any kind of specialty, incredible range.

      1. Lstomsl

        I agree he's breaking all the rules although it's not like he came straight from a flat 2:16 sea level marathon. He's been living at elevation and training on trails for at least a year. It will be interesting to see what his limits are, if any. The other thing that's unbelievably impressive about what he's doing is that he has been breaking course records since January. It's mind-blowing to see someone maintain that high level of fitness over such a long-time. Especially coming from a marathon background where peaking for one or two races a year is the norm.

        I'm just as impressed to see Tony reeling him in and running the 2nd fastest time ever. As you said its harder for distance specialists to pick up raw speed then vice versa and TK has been training for 24 hour plus events so for him to be able to stay so close to Sage is amazing.

  4. Scott

    Maybe you missed the "once he figures this out" tone of my entire comment? I don't know how I repeatedly stated that he is new and hasn't quite nailed down the distances.

    Second… Is he not winning ultras currently?

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