Live Coverage of the 2013 Tarawera Ultramarathon

Tarawera Ultramarathon logo[Editor’s Note: We’ve now published a 2013 Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon results article, which we’ll keep updating over the days following the race.]

On Saturday, March 16th at 6:30 am local time (11:30 am Friday Mountain Time in the US), the strongest ultramarathon field in New Zealand history will kickoff at the Tarawera Ultramarathon with an international field facing off for 100k. We’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed. We’ll also be combining our twitter feed with other possible news sources and encouraging all of you to join the discussion in the CoverItLive window below.

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. Timmy

    FYI note to those following the race who aren't in New Zealand —

    The race is FRIDAY in the USA — not Saturday like it is in New Zealand.

  2. Andrew

    Funny comments about tropical greenery and water… it looks green, but yesterday the entire North Island was declared a drought zone. Most grass areas are now brown. The trees look green, but it is still very very dry.

  3. Andrew

    The large plantation forest that the last 40km would normally run through is so dry that it is now in the zone where fires could spontaneously occur. And being a pine forest, it would burn well.

  4. AV1611-Ben

    The twitter feeds about Sage using drugs are disgusting. *Lots* of guys/gals are running outstanding races in the last 2 years. None of them are doing it every single race (except Kilian maybe), so maybe this just shows that there are enough *fantastic* runners at the moment, that in any given race, one of them has a "perfect day" where it ALL comes together, and they blister everyone else. That is what I think is happening. I see NO evidence of drugs – other than delusional ones affecting keyboard warriors who wish that trail runners were glued to their screens paying attention to their own unimportant selves.

    Enjoy the fact that our sport is in a fascinating development phase right now. I know I'm enjoying it. And I'm a slow guy who runs towards the back of the mid-pace runners in most regional events…

    1. Sage Canaday

      hey thanks for the support! For the record I am 100% clean (I do drink coffee and beer though)! To the naysayers: I'd be honored to be tested..anytime! I've run in many events where they do test (Olympic trials, world mountain champs, NCAA meets, etc) but haven't been tested. Timothy Olson was about to catch me at the end of this race…I was hurting and tired (and bonking) and he was finishing really strong. He ran smart race and paced it well. I was in a lot of pain for the last 20k – and even at 50k I didn't feel real great (on the verge of cramping, nausea, etc).

      1. Molly's dad

        Great race Sage, forget about them "naysayers", do what you do best which appears to be; being a thoroughly nice chap and an incredible runner. Rest well and continue to inspire us mere mortals ;) All the best from the Brecon Beacons, Wales

  5. AV1611-Ben

    OK, I've got a complaint about Byron. :-)

    Relax, I'm just going to say this in jest.

    For goodness sake dude, keep your shirt on when doing interviews! That one at the bottom of the waterfall was, well, I like your interviews better when you're wearing a shirt. :-)

    As for his efforts covering the race, if anyone wants to complain, nobody was preventing you from spending a few thousand dollars and going to NZ to see it yourself. You get what you pay for, don't you?

    I'm loving the coverage, sparse though it may be. And hating the bickering. Quit it!

  6. Sage Canaday

    Thanks! I think the streak will be ending soon enough at Lake Sonoma. I'm going to try to bounce back as quickly as a can but I'm pretty beat up right now. Best of luck with your own running. I really appreciate the support!

  7. thomas

    Hi guys,

    a great race of you both, Sage and Timothy, great sport, awesome attitude.

    If the race would be 20 k longer, timothy would have won, he is the world best ultra mountain runner together with killian for 100 mile races, I am looking forward to the WS 100, that will be a showdown there.


  8. Mike Hill

    Great coverage Bryon. And Congrats to Sage and Tim. I had a tough day, so it's encouraging to hear your honesty about you (Sage) having some tough periods too. Thanks for the encouraging words when you were passing those of us at the back of the pack.

  9. Dan Bleakman (Ultra1

    Congratulations Sage, it was an honour to see you fly by me at the 80km mark as I was finishing my 60kms. Ignore the 1 "percenters" both yourself and Tim are a huge credit to US trail and ultra running and I loved the way you guys embraced the whole weekend and put your bodies on the line. The US folk should be proud of guys like you – it was great to meet and chat with you. Hope to see you down here soon.

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