Andy Jones-Wilkins Pre-2011 Western States 100 Interview

If I’ve done a more enjoyable or casual interview for iRunFar I can’t remember it. In this interview, I chat with Andy Jones-Wilkins about his picks for the men’s and women’s field. Much laughing ensues. If there’s a man more obsessed with Western States (aka, Statesmas) than AJW, I haven’t met him. As AJW said about himself earlier in the evening, “I am not a normal person.”

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  1. Digger

    Good luck to both of you. Andy always seems to have a Sierra Nevada in hand, I love it!For some reason, I thought he would have an English accent.

  2. J. Dayton

    Great Interview, Makes me want to jump in the car and head over to watch all the fun! maybe next year. Goodluck guys.

  3. Ben

    Andy's drinking an Anderson Valley IPA if I'm not mistaken. This is my favorite duo. They play off each other awesomely well…

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