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  1. Michael Valliant

    Hi Goat – have been reading your blog for a couple weeks now and sure appreciate the more detailed background. If you ever find yourself cruising over to Maryland's Eastern Shore, and are looking for a trail run, we've got a few good ones. Keep up the good work on the blog and of course, with running. –Mike V.

  2. Trail Goat

    Mike,Thanks for dropping by – I'm glad enjoy the blog. I'll give a holler if I'm ever out beach side. I've never been to the Eastern Shore!Bryon

  3. AnthonyP

    And I thought I learned everything about you over the course of 20 miles at GTR !Love the blog…thankful that we met and became friends. Look forward to seeing you soon buddy.

  4. olga

    And when you adjust the farm completely, we all can come and pretend to do a running camp, right? Wasn't it a purpose? :)

  5. Donald

    Looks like this was a good day for me to stumble across your blog. I should have asked you for trail running advice when I visited DC last week!Great blog – keep it going.

  6. Iron Mountain Trail

    Goat,Good to see your comments in runner's world; you, I know, are a person of knowledge with ultra racing/training. Regardless, thanks for the introduction, hope you well and training good. How is the Bull Run course? I am really planning on attacking that course on the 12th. Nick Whited

  7. KC

    Hi Goat,I've seen you a couple of times…vhtrc fata$$ and jfk and I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great writing and best of luck to you in '08.Caren

  8. Trail Goat

    First things first,I must clarify that I do not live on a bona fide farm… I just wish I did. The sprawling grounds amount to less than 7,000 square feet! That doesn't stop me from growing some tasty veggies or dreaming about bringing in chickens 'n' goats.Tony, Glad we met and became friends, too. Hopefully we can run together again sometime soon!Ed,Thanks and thanks for stopping by!Pink Corker,Thanks for making me feel good about myself… us legal type folks have a nasty reputation. Not always deserved. :-)GandaMan's a lawyer, too, and he seems nice enough.Olga,You can stop by and stay whenever you like.Thanks, Donald. Let me know if you're around DC again – the city and it's environs have some pretty nice trails… if only I wasn't 3 miles from the nearest one!Nick,You're the first to note the Runner's World story. Nice work! Are you asking about the Bull Run Run course in general or at the moment. It's always a much harder race than I think it ought to be.Caren,I totally remember you from both events – particularly from JFK. I was shocked when you came up and said you read my blog. Made my race… well, that and the PR. ;-)

  9. pronghorn

    Hey goat – appreciate your blog and your niche as an attorney. If your ever in southern AZ or want to get away to southern AZ let me or Pinkcorker know – would love to have you out on the trail!David PA-C

  10. Trail Goat

    Thanks Pronghorn, I'll keep that in mind. I will be back in AZ next year for the Old Pueblo 50. Hopefully, it goes better for me this time around!

  11. Lynn Astalos

    Bryon,Congrats on dropping the job thing and pursuing your passion! I'd love to do the same.I'm doing the Transrockies Run next month and just read you are moving to the Yosemite area. My teammate and I live just south of San Jose. About a month ago, we ran 18 mls. from Wawona, up to Chilnualna Falls and beyond. Last weekend, we had a very successful training run at the Tahoe Rim 50K. On Aug. 1 we're doing our final training run at altitude back at Yosemite. When are you moving to Yosemite (want to join us?) and do you have any recommended training runs at Yosemite? LynnP.S. Tried sending this via your contact form but the code was not working.

  12. Bryon Powell

    Hi Lynn, I'm not moving back to Yosemite until September at the earliest… but thanks for the training run offer. Anyway, I'll see you before then – I'll be at the first few days of the TransRockies Run. Can't say that I have any recommendations on training runs in Yosemite yet. I've only gone for a few runs there at this point and most of them have been quick runs out of the valley and back.

  13. A Patriot

    The very existence of this site makes me happy. I'm not a trail runner–actually not a runner period–but seeing someone run down a dream makes me want to keep pounding the asphalt back to marathon number two. Mr. Powell I think you just inspired a lifestyle change. Thank you

  14. Bryon Powell

    Patriot, I'm glad I could inspire you. Pursue your dreams! If you are impassioned by something and are willing to work extremely hard at it, you might just be able to scrape a life out of it… and be crazy happy about it!

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