Wet Race at Dry Creek Half Marathon

iRunFar covers the Dry Creek Half Marathon, the fourth race in the 2011 La Sportiva Mountain Cup.

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2011 La Sportiva Mountain CupJetting back across the country after the Bel Monte 25k, the La Sportiva Mountain Cup found itself in Hidden Springs, Idaho for the Dry Creek Half Marathon this past weekend. Gorgeous 70 degree temperatures greeted runners under sunny skies on Friday before pulling a sneaky 180 overnight. At the start, runners braced themselves for gusty winds and rain that transitioned to snow in the foothills around town. Still, 200 runners hit the trail… and pavement for the race. In a last minute decision, the race director responsibly substituted a pavement heavy route to avoid permanently damaging waterlogged trails. In the end, the racers’ smoking hot times better match the course change than the weather change.

2011 Dry Creek Half Marathon

Runs at the start of the 2011 Dry Creek Half Marathon.

After kicking things off with our LSMC race coverage, we’ll take a look at the Mountain Cup standings. Next, we’ll move on to our La Sportiva shoe giveaway contest before calling for your comments and finishing up with the full La Sportiva Mountain Cup schedule.

The Race
Men’s Race
Ryan Woods continued to domination this year’s Mountain Cup by winning the race in 1:19:00 nearly four minutes ahead of second place. Bernie Boettcher (1:22:58) took second just seconds ahead of his La Sportiva teammate Brad Mitchell (1:23:12) of Idaho. Mountain Cup stalwart Jason Bryant took four in 1:24:00.

Ian Achey reports:

Jason Bryant collapsed at the finish line after have given it almost everything he had on the course. Paraphrasing Jason, “I can’t do fast. My body just starts to shut down when it’s time to really open it up. I’m better at climbing and technical descents, everyone slows down there (myself included), but I just slow down a lot less. If it hadn’t been for the technical descent on this course, I’d be sitting in 6th.” Obviously, not doing “fast” is a relative term.

2011 Dry Creek Half Marathon Bryant Boettcher Mitchell Woods

What most of the field saw of (l-to-r) Jason Bryant, Bernie Boettcher, Brad Mitchell, and Ryan Woods. It looks to have been a tad bit muddy out there.

Top Five

  1. Ryan Woods – 1:19:00
  2. Bernie Boettcher – 1:22:58
  3. Brad Mitchell – 1:23:12
  4. Jason Bryant – 1:24:00
  5. Brandy Bengoechea – 1:25:39

Women’s Race
Going back to last season, Megan Kimmel has dominated the Mountain Cup and while she won again, it wasn’t without a fight. Right on Kimmel’s (1:29:29) heels was Trail Runner magazine’s associate editor Ashley Arnold (1:30:10). We hope to see a rematch between these two Colorado residents later in the Mountain Cup season.

Top Five

  1. Megan Kimmel – 1:29:29
  2. Ashley Arnold – 1:30:10
  3. Lauren Arnold – 1:32:44
  4. Gretchen Hurlbutt – 1:36:47
  5. Rachel Cieslewicz (race report)- 1:43:10
Dry Creek Half Marathon Arnold Kimmel Lauren Megan Ashley

(left to right) Ashley Arnold, Megan Kimmel, Lauren Arnold

Full Results
Full results
are available.

La Sportiva Extras
La Sportiva helped raise almost $450 for Ridge To Rivers in Going the Distance Tech Tee sales.

The La Sportiva Standout award (dubbed the Most Bang for you Buck Award by the race director) was presented to 49 year old Deanna Brock, a local runner from Middleton, Idaho. Brock placed 185th overall, but came in with a smile saying to Ulmer “I’d rater run your race than ever volunteer for it.”  Known for her spicy attitude she continued with a smile by saying (paraphrased) “Gee, I never thought my attitude would get me anything.” It was also her birthday.

La Sportiva Mountain Cup Standings
Here are the unofficial LSMC standings through 4 races.

Ryan Woods continues to dominate this year’s Mountain Cup; however, it’s anyone’s game if they step up and race well through the end of the season. Jason Bryant continues to position himself well with a solid hold on second. Bernie Boettcher moved into fourth place in the standings with a second place finish at Dry Creek. As we expect to see Boettcher at later races, I’d be willing to say his fourth position is a de facto third.

  1. Ryan Woods – 64 points (3 races – 22 pts from Dry Creek)
  2. Jason Bryant – 43 pt (3 races – 13 pts from Dry Creek)
  3. Waylon Calabrese – 20 pts (1 race – Did not race Dry Creek)
  4. Bernie Boettcher – 19 pts (1 race – 19 pts from Dry Creek)
  5. (T-5) Jared Scott – 17 pts (1 race – Did not race Dry Creek)
  6. (T-5) Justin Gonzales – 17 pts (1 race – Did not race Dry Creek)


Megan Kimmel races ahead to take over the first place spot in which she ended last year’s Mountain Cup. Rachel Cieslewicz falls to second, but collects another handful of points. While only in fifth, Ashley Arnold could quickly move up the standings.

  1. Megan Kimmel – 44 points (2 races – 22 pts at Dry Creek)
  2. Rachel Cieslewicz – 43 pts (3 races – 11 pts at Dry Creek)
  3. Annette Bednosky – 35 pts (2 races – Did not race Dry Creek)
  4. Martha Nelson – 20 pts (1 race – Did not race Dry Creek)
  5. (T-5) Ashley Arnold – 19 pts (1 race – 19 pts at Dry Creek)
  6. (T-5) Melanie Fryar – 19 pts (1 race – Did not race Dry Creek)

Official Mountain Cup standings can be found here.

iRunFar.com La Sportiva Mountain Cup Contest
La Sportiva logoWe’re happy to announce the Kirsten L. of Tacoma, Washington won a pair of La Sportiva’s Raptors (iRF review) for entering last week’s Bel Monte 25k shoe giveaway.

Now, with all the mud at the Dry Creek race, we’re going in a whole new direction. That direction? The brand new La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0, which would have been gold on the courses muddy sections. The Crosslite 2.0 also adds a couple millimeters of cushioning to the original Crosslite. This cushioning surely would have been appreciated on the added road miles on Saturday.

If you want to win the Crosslite 2.0s? Simply leave your name and town (in the US or Canada) in a comment before we write about the next Mountain Cup race, the Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run on May 14 in Helena, Montana. As a reminder, if you enter to win the Crosslite 2.0s you’ll also automatically be eligible to win the grand prize at the end of August. Read up on the iRunFar.com La Sportiva Mountain Cup giveaway grand prize.

Call for Comments
If you ran the Dry Creek Half Marathon, please leave a comment letting everyone know how you did and what you think about the race.

The La Sportiva Mountain Cup

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