Video Interviews with Anton Krupicka and Duncan Callahan

The Leadville 100 is just around the corner and boy do we have a treat for you… a video interview […]

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Leadville Trail 100 mile runThe Leadville 100 is just around the corner and boy do we have a treat for you… a video interview with the defending Leadville champion, Duncan Callahan of Vasque. Oh wait, since Leadville is an out-and-back course, let’s throw in a video for the return trip – an interview with 2006 and 2007 Leadville champ, New Balance runner Anton Krupicka. In the interviews, Duncan and Anton discuss training, shoe choice, as well as their race strategies and the top contenders at the 2009 Leadville 100. Before we proceed, we’d like to give a special thanks to Boa Technology for helping us pull this project together at the last minute.

VasqueDuncan Callahan, the 2008 Leadville 100 mile run champion, is returning to Leadville this weekend to defend his title. He was kind enough to take a couple minutes out of his week to chat with us at the Vasque house up in Leadville. In the interview, Duncan discusses his 2008 race and training. He also talks about his training and racing in 2009, the top contenders in the 2009 Leadville 100, what his strategy will be for the race, and the forthcoming Vasque Transistor that he’ll be wearing. For more, check out Duncan’s pre-race blog post. [broken link removed]

New BalanceLast week, a Tour de France-trained Lance Armstrong defeated 6-time defending Leadville 100 mile mountain bike champ, Dave Weins. (Both Duncan and Dave also live in Gunnison, CO). This weekend, Anton Krupicka might just be the Lance Armstrong to Duncan Callahan’s Dave Weins. A few days before the 2009 Leadville 100, Anton – the USATF 50 mile trail champion and two-time Leadville 100 winner – headed outside to talk with He talks about going after Matt Carpenter’s Leadville 100 record, the top contenders in the 2009 Leadville 100 (Anton also mentioned Harry Harcrow, Andy Henshaw, and Zeke Tiernan), and his win at the White River 50 mile in which he broke Uli Steidl’s course record. Anton also fills us in on his training and race strategy for the 2009 Leadville 100, as well as the shoes he’ll be wearing – a custom version of New Balance‘s forthcoming MT 100. On his blog, Anton says he’s ready. (iRF later video interviewed Anton regarding more basic running thoughts.)

Trail Goat Note: OK, with all the interviewing, video editing, and writing… and a last minute decision to race the Leadville 100, I’ll be skipping writing a full Leadville 100 preview as I’d intended. However, in addition to the above interviews, I’ll throw you a few more nuggets before I sit down and start planning out my race.

First, if Tony and Duncan’s takes on the men’s fields weren’t enough, you can find some good Leadville 100 contender analysis from Rocky Mountain Dirt Running and, as always, from Karl Meltzer. Note that both previews are a bit suspect since they throw my name in the mix. Other folks who are not getting enough respect:

  • Kelly Cronin – I’m calling her for top 3 in the women’s race. She was second to Devon Crosby-Helms at the Vermont 100 last year and is in better shape this year.
  • Aaron Schwartzbard – He’ll easily be one of the speediest guys on the course this weekend… and it is a runner’s course if one is acclimated. Aaron’s acclimated, so watch out.
  • Garett Graubins – Humble GG would never let you know, but he won the Bighorn 50 mile this spring and has only added to his fitness since June. This guy might be sandbagging his way to a top 5 spot.
  • Luis Guerrero – Luis is speedy as a 17-hour Rocky Raccoon 100 earlier this year shows and he’s always somewhat acclimated from living high in Mexico City. Not a top 5 pick, but a sleeper for top 10.

Enough folks have sent me’s Leadville 100 Google Earth flyover that I’ll post it.

Boa TechnologyOne more thanks to Boa Technology, the makers of the Boa Lacing System, for lending us the the video camera with which we shot the interviews of Duncan and Anton. These days, Boa’s lacing system can be dialed in on a wide range of trail shoes, including the Vasque’s Aether Tech line.

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