The Basics: An Interview With Anton Krupicka

You may have already seen iRunFar’s interview with Anton Krupicka prior to the 2009 Leadville 100. That interviewed focused on Anton’s performance at the White River 50 and his thoughts about the 2009 Leadville 100. Well, we’d like to share another Anton interview we did at the same time, but never pointed out to iRunFar’s readers. This shorter second Competitor Running interview focuses on more basic points such as Anton’s training, his thoughts on injury prevention and running shoes, and the utility of consistent training.

We hope you enjoy both interviews with Tony.

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  1. TrailClown

    More humor! Anton's wisdom is very elucidating to say the least, and he's definitely self-deprecatory, but I want some belly laughs. Maybe throw in some interviews with the SuperFans dudes, toss in some of those new-fangled ultrarunner animated pieces I've been seeing on the web, and also maybe a blooper reel that includes AJW's puking, etc. This blog has become too highly respected…it needs some bite, like Craig Thornley's blog and others I've come across. Also you need interview old timers who've got war stories from the olden days. All in all, though, your site rocks, I'm glued every day! cm

    1. Bryon Powell

      Ah, Trail Clown. You should know that you provide the best belly laughs on iRunFar. Who am I to highlight humor when it is all around us? Puking? That I can see on iRunFar. Same goes for old guy interviews. We'll leave Craig Thornley to do what he does best… though it would be sweet to have him guest post here on iRunFar at some point!

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