Too Dirty to Run?

I just hopped out the shower and am about to head out on a run. Now, I wouldn’t normally share my daily (most of the time) adventures in hygeine. However, this shower was noteworthy in that it happened BEFORE my run! How could I possibly so dirty that I felt it necessary to bath before a workout? 8 hours of spackling and sanding walls with paint (most likely lead based paint). I didn’t think that I could get any whiter than I already am, but sure enough I looking like frosty by 11 this morning. Ok, enough typiing… it’s time to run.

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  1. olga

    Hey, you are back! Congrats on the house closing, and a new white skin you got in a process:) I am missing on Miwok, I loved this race, but yes, money and time have to be spent wisely…what exactly that means I have no idea:) Good luck with "training from ground zero", been there, seems like put back there again, but we will get out for sure!

  2. Trail Goat

    Thanks, Olga. While sad about missing Miwok, it was the right decision. I'll get to travel for the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon and a 100 miler this year.

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