Someone's Timely Unilateral Vermont Withdrawal Xposed Yesterday – Zoinks!

You guessed it, that someone was me. That’s right, I officially withdrew from the Vermont 100 yesterday. It’s been the plan for a while now, but I hadn’t pulled the trigger. Admittedly, my run at Laurel Highlands the other weekend briefly had me considering running VT, but I will choose the wise path and wait until fall to race a 100… if I do one at all. Still leaning towards running the San Diego 100 in late October… or could run an impromptu 100 somewhere on the East Coast this fall if one pops up – hint hint.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Not training from March through the present. I'll fake my way through pretty much any other distance, but I run so few 100s that I want to know I can do better than just finish when I toe the line.

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