Relentless Forward Progress: Montrail and Mountain Hardwear Contest

If a brand has ever been synonymous with ultrarunning, it’s Montrail. Between its great products and grassroots involvement in the sport, Montrail has been a community member, benefactor, and friend of ultrarunning for a decade and a half. A few years ago, Columbia Sportswear partnered Montrail with top-notch outdoor adventure gear company Mountain Hardwear. Since then, Mountain Hardwear has been cranking out an increasingly wide array of running specific apparel, hydration systems, and more. With that in mind, there’s no pair more appropriate to kick off a week’s long series of giveaways to celebrate the launch of Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons.

Montrail logoIf you’re the lucky winner of this contest, you’ll get to pick any pair of running shoes from Montrail’s current line up. That mean’s you could choose the rugged, roomy Badrock that also performs admirably on pavement. If you’re regularly hitting the most technical of trails or looking for additional stability, the bomb-proof Sabino Trail might be the right choice for you. If you prefer the other end of the spectrum and want a speedy racer, look no further than Montrail’s newly introduced Rogue Racer. This shoe is creating some buzz and for good reason, as I suspect you’ll see it on many an ultra podium this year!

Mountain Hardwear is a good place to start for a comfortable summer of running and we’re here to hook you up.* To start, the winner will receive a Mountain Hardwear Wicked Lite Short Sleeve Tee (men’s) (women’s), a lightweight, fast-drying summer staple. The winner will also have his or her choice of Mountain Hardwear’s Men’s Refueler Short, Women’s Pacer Advance Short, or Women’s Pacer Advance Skort. Each of these bottom’s are lightweight, running-specific models that would be perfect for your first… or next ultramarathon.

As a bonus, we’re throwing in Petzl Tikka2 Plus headlamp. At less than 3 ounces, the Tikka2 Plus packs a powerful punch for lighting up your night runs. That means you can be out enjoying your Mountain/Mountain Hardwear combo even longer.

Finally, the winner will receive an iRunFar Headsweats hat. To keep you comfortable and stylish year-round.

How To Enter
CONTEST CLOSED 6 a.m. MDT Monday, May 2. Casey Henion of Charlottesville, Virginia, you’re the lucky winner of this great prize pack!

*Note: Styles and sizes are subject to availability. Fear not, the winner will be well taken care of!

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  1. Graeme

    Just got your book on kindle and whizzed through it much faster than I can run!!!

    Graeme, London UK but moving to Boston USA next week.

  2. Adrian

    Great stuff Byron. I'm in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Is it open to Canadians? I have a US mailing address if there's a problem with shipping.

  3. David

    Just got back from vacation and found my pre-ordered copy of the book in the mail..! I have already ready several chapters last night and this book is a wonderful resource! I have been running ultras for a few years now and immediately found great tips I did not know and encouragement for taking on a 100 miler this year. Bryon, you did an amazing job with putting all of this knowledge together and I want to say again how fortunate the trail running community is to have your dedication to covering all aspects of it..! Thank you.


  4. Shawman

    Hope this contest is good for us north of the border also?

    Training hard for my first in a month and really looking forward to checking this book out!

    Stephen – Brampton, Ontario Canada

  5. Thomas E. Booker


    I've been reading "Relentless Forward Progress" over the prior week. Absolutely awesome least through page 109. I will leave a more formal review at Amazon when finished, but I can say with absolute certainty, this is a book – whether a beginner or established ultra runner – should have, read, and re-read. You've written a book I wish I had read prior to my starting ultrarunning more than two years ago.



    Knoxville, TN

  6. Eric Mauricette

    Eric Mauricette, Milford, ME!

    I'm starting to get into ultra running a bit more…can't wait to get my hands on your book!

  7. Thane

    I'm a couple chapters into the book and finding it enjoyable and inspirational. 50M/100K already feeling more possible =D


    San Carlos, CA

  8. Brandon

    Count me in! It's already in my Amazon shopping cart for purchase with my next order.

    – Brandon from North Stonington, CT

  9. Nick

    What do iRunfar contests and footraces have in common? I enter both and win neither.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading the book.


    Rockford, IL

  10. Kim Neill

    Hi Bryon: I can't wait to read the book. Great job! Oh, and by the way, it's raining AGAIN in Boise.

    Kim Neill

    Boise, ID

  11. Sandy

    Byron, I love your book. It came in the mail on the evening that I signed up for my first 100 miler. How's that for good timing? The book was great. It will be my running bible. Thanks again!

    Sandy, Rochester Hills, MI

  12. Ann S

    Looking forward to reading the book and my first 50M is this October. The release of the book couldn't have been more timely!


    Kimberly, WI

  13. Eric

    Bryan –

    Looking forward to ordering a copy, and love your insights on trail running in DC. I go there 8-10 times per year for work, and always enjoy getting out to the west side parks.


  14. John Hagin

    John Hagin, Fort Collins, CO is one of the greatest places to live plus the running is great with all kinds of trails. Will have to get your book.

  15. Tom

    Sign me up!

    I recently ran the Rockin' K 50 mile in my Sabino Trail's and appreciated the extra room they gave my feet. I'm also training in the Rogue Racer's, but had to size up 1/2 due to the difference in fit from the Sabino Trail.

    Would love to get another pair of either shoe.


    Ankeny, IA

  16. Ben

    Congratulations on the book launch. I'll be picking it up as soon as I'm done with Running on Empty.

    Ben Reeves

    Highlands Ranch, CO

  17. Nichole Embertson

    Congrats on the book, cant wait till a copy makes it to my local bookstore.



    Bellingham, WA (Best trails in the northwest!)

  18. Val

    Val H

    Ashburn, VA

    Been out of ultras for months with an injury. Ordered your book today via Amazon to keep my spirits up while building to recovery. Thanks for writing it!

    New gear would make my return to the trails even more glorious! Hint, hint! ;)

  19. Daniel Rowland

    Hi Bryon

    Great job on the book. I'm looking forward to receiving a copy on my birthday next week.


    Santiago, Chile

  20. Brad Koenig

    Just started the book and it's great stuff! The Black Diamond Z-Poles from your store are sick! They are like Batman technology!

    Brad Koenig, Cherry Hill, NJ

  21. Gringo Runner

    Bryon Powell,

    I was excited to get your book from Amazon this weekend. Thanks for all the work you do to create these great resources.

    Gringo Runner

    Washington, Missouri

  22. Andrew

    Andrew S. – Charlotte, NC

    Wow… awesome # of comments already! the IRF community has ballooned!

    Excited to get my autographed copy in the mail today! Thanks Bryon!

  23. John

    Thanks Bryon. Picking up my copy of RFP at Powell's on the way home from work tonight. Very much looking forward to reading it and taking my running to the next level!



    Portland, OR

  24. typerun

    Roger in Petersham, Sydney is most of the way through Bryon's book and loving it, and 7 weeks into my 2nd pair of Rogue Racers already and waiting for the 3rd to clear Customs. Sweet, sweet multi-surface shoe. Hitting The North Face 100 with it in 2 1/2 weeks.

  25. Matt Smith

    Just got my copy of the your book today – I'm hooked already!

    It's always amazing how many people post on the give-away threads…


    Matt Smith

    Chatham, NY

  26. Christopher Whelchel

    Well, I had a unique chance to get a hold of a copy and read several chapters last week. I would have stolen it from my friend Rachel but I have a feeling she would have gotten me back somehow mid-mountain on a steep descent :-) The book is very well written and a joy to read. I think it will soon become a staple for any Ultramarathoner. PLUS, this book in combination with some new Montrail shoes sure would be nice for the 115 mile TransRockies Run in August!

  27. Shelley Corrigan

    Really looking foward to getting my book in the mail! My daughter and I just started running ultras last year and I still feel like I have no idea what Im doing!!! So since I am contemplating a 100 next year, your book will come in handy as will winning some sweet Montrail and Mountain Hardwear.

    Shelley Corrigan

    Port Haywood, VA

  28. Paul

    Congratulations on the book! Hoping my copy arrives soon – something to keep me occupied whilst injured!

    Paul, Melbourne Australia.

  29. Christopher Whelchel

    Ooooo, Mountain Hardware AND Montrail…. isn't that a recipe for success?? Pick me!!!

    Christopher Whelchel

    Austin, Texas

  30. Don Pendergraft, Edm

    Sweet! I could scratch the Montrail's off of my Amazon Wish List if I win them instead of having to save for them!

  31. carole cremo

    I'm enjoying reading relentless forward progress. I picked it up at a book store a few weeks ago and I am finding alot of usefull information for a new trail runner!

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