Relentless Forward Progress Launch Week

Relentless Forward ProgressDear iRunFar readers,
This is one of the most exciting weeks of my life and I aim to make it just as thrilling for you!

On my end, I couldn’t be more psyched that Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons officially launches on Friday.* You see, we’re all members of the same running community. While some of us who’ve discovered ultramarathons were fortunate to have learned from others around us, there’s yet to be a comprehensive guide to training and racing ultramarathons to fill our community’s need. That’s why I’ve spent the past year and a half working on Relentless Forward Progress. More than a dozen top ultrarunners and experts also recognized our community’s need and graciously contributed to make this book as helpful to you and your friends as possible.

By reducing ultrarunning’s steep learning curve, Relentless Forward Progress aims to have you or your friends spending more time enjoying running and its camaraderie and less time suffering unnecessarily. If you want to inspire others in our community of runners who might be looking for a new running challenge or to ease the path of those who have already started their ultramarathon journey, please get the word out about this book. For instance, you could write about the book on Facebook or Twitter, post something on your blog, or simply write an email to a friend whom you think would enjoy it. (Here are some other ideas for helping out!)

*If you’re interested, autographed copies from iRunFar are already available as are unsigned copies from many online retailers, such as, which also has a Kindle version.

Launch Week Contests!
I’m celebrating you and all the other members of our running community by holding six seven huge contests here on iRunFar throughout launch week. Every day this week, I’ll open a new week-long contest featuring a pair of running shoes, running apparel, and an iRunFar Headsweats hat. A few of the giveaways will feature additional prizes, so be sure to take a look everyday. Here’s the killer contest lineup!

[NOTE: You must enter contests on their respective pages, NOT on this page!]

Happy trails,

Last update February 20, 2018