New Balance MT100-WT100 Review

Over the past year, New Balance’s MT100 (men’s) and WT100 (women’s) have gathered quite a following among fans of minimalist trail shoes. Designed with the help of Anton Krupicka and the Skaggs brothers, there aren’t a lot of extras on these shoes. Watch the following video for a closer look at this lightweight, trail-worthy shoe. As with future video reviews on iRunFar, you can also skip ahead to written summary of the video review.

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New Balance MT100/WT100 Review
The New Balance MT100/WT100 (hereinafter MT100 for simplicity’s sake) is an evolution of the New Balance 790. It’s a marquee shoe in the current set of low profile trail shoes. A men’s size 9 tips the scale at a mere 7 ounces and change. Be aware that you’re wallet will weigh more than after buying most other trail shoes as the MSRP is a mere $75. For the over eager, iRunFar has previously shared a sneak peak at the MT101/WT101 due out late in 2010. Below, we’ll look at the shoe’s outsole, midsole, and upper.

The MT100’s outsole is trail specific, but is suitable for some road running. The shoe is particular adept on packed dirt. It is not the shoe of choice for sloppy mud.

New Balance MT100 outsole

The New Balance MT100's lightweight, trail-worthy outsole.

The foremost half of the outsole features lugs a few millimeters thick. Minimally textured rubber stretches from the arch back to the heel, which is home to the shoe’s most significant lugs for braking. The outsole features circular cutouts that reduce weight.

The MT100 has a single density midsole, meaning that the shoe does not have a post for pronation control. On the other hand, the midsole is raised on both the inside and outside of the midfoot. This results in a fair amount of support for the shoe’s weight.

New Balance MT100 midsole

The New Balance MT100's surprisingly supportive midsole.

The Rock Stop rockplate sandwiched between the outsole and midsole offers decent push-through protection in the forefoot and midfoot. The TPU plate does, however, mean that the shoe is a bit stiffer in the forefoot than some comparable models and creates a pivot point at the rear of the rockplate.

The upper is primarily mesh backed by lightweight fabric and has minimal overlays. These combine to provide a sock like feel that gives the foot room to wiggle around. However, the upper also does not offer much lateral support, which can be problematic on technical or switchbacking trail. The highly breathable fabric allows water to quickly drain from the shoe.

New Balance MT100 upper

The New Balance MT100's highly flexible upper.

The ankle collar and heel counter are made of a material akin to nerf foam. Unlike conventional shoes, there is no fabric covering the foam on the shoe’s exterior. Some users, including iRunFar’s Bryon Powell, have had the hard foam at the top of the Achilles notch slice into the skin covering the Achilles while running sockless. Other runners have experienced similar discomfort while wearing socks. If needed, the upper portion of the Achilles notch can be cut away. New Balance is aware of the problem and is addressing it in the MT101.

The MT100 also has a minimal tongue consisting of a single layer of the lightweight mesh/fabric combination that makes up much of the shoe. The “sausage like” Sure Laces keep the shoe secure and laces locked tight.

New Balance MT100/WT100 Giveaway

Well, we’ve given away the five pairs of New Balance’s MT100 or WT100. The winners are Jeremy Slatton of Barnhart, MO; Glen D of Shrub Oak, NY; David; Randy Snyder of Bismarck, ND; and Derek of Weybridge, VT.

Call for Comments/Questions
While the contest is as simple as noted above, we’d love some more info from our readers. If you’ve previously worn the MT100 or WT100, please let us know what you like about them? If you’ve worn other minimalist shoes, what do you like such shoes, in general, and what has you the most excited about the New Balance shoes?

As always, please ask any questions you might have about the shoes.

[Note regarding comments: We might delete all non-substantive, contest-entry comments after the contest concludes so as to make the remaining substantive comments more useful to future readers.]

[Disclosure: The Amazon link in this article is part of an affiliate program that helps support iRunFar. If you haven’t guessed, New Balance is providing the five pairs of MT100/WT100s.]

Travis Liles

resides in Portland, Oregon where he is a husband, father, and a technical specialist for a software company. In his spare time, he is exploring his new home in the Pacific Northwest, getting more vertical but still not living in the thin air, while producing "Trail Trials with Travis Liles" video gear reviews for iRunFar.

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  1. Sarah

    I love my 100's! Like other people, I've had the back of the shoe cut into my ankle, only once though, I just wore higher socks next time. I also think that they are great in mud. They wont get weighed down by mud and water so you don't have to slow down. I can't wait for the new version with improvements to come out.


    Marengo, IL

  2. Jeremiah

    I've heard a lot of good comments about the 100's but I have to say that this video review has made up my mind. Definitely going to pick up a pair now and look forward to a chance to try them out.

    Love the website, love the reviews, keep up the good work!

    Jeremiah P.

    Kailua, HI

  3. Peter

    I love my 790's! I'm running in my last pair of them and as soon as they go I'm switching to the MT100's. I love these as lightweight trail shoes. Perfect for the trails near my house.


    Harrison, NY

  4. Elizabeth

    I've never worn the New Balance trail shoe, but would give it a go! Currently I wear the Inov-8 Roclite 260's which are fairly minimalist and provide stellar traction on rocks for very technical terrain. I've also worn the LaSportiva Fireblades and loved those shoes because of the sticky rubber on the outsole. Lastly, I've worn the Brooks Cascadia's and definitely did not love them. To me, they seem like a regular road running shoe with an aggressive (non-sticky) outsole. I found the Cascadia's didn't provide a snug enough fit for trails.


    New York, NY

  5. Nick Lee

    I bought my first pair of MT100s about a month ago and I absolutely love them. They're about as close to barefoot trail running as I can imagine. They don't have enough cushioning for me to wear them on any run longer than about 10-15 miles but they're perfect for shorter trail runs (and hopefully my feet, ankles, knees, and legs will continue to strengthen and allow me to wear them for my longer runs). Definitely can't be your only pair of shoes unless you have legs of steel like Krupicka or Skaggs but an excellent addition to your arsenal of shoes with which to attack the trail.

  6. John McAlister

    I've got two pairs of these and love running in them. However, I've never worn them on a run longer than four hours. They're okay for limited road use, so useful for those runs that incorporate a bit of trail and road. I've never had a problem with the ankle collar, so grateful for that. The one improvement I'd like to see is more of a secure fit on the top of the midfoot, as there is some foot sliding when running on technical or muddy sections. The shoe drains and dries quickly, so a good choice for terrain that includes river or stream crossings. The shoe is comfortable and light. While I tend to wear my Crosslites for most of my longer trail runs, I grab my MT100s for most of my shorter midweek runs.

    John McAlister

    Toronto, Canada

  7. Jeff

    I've been itching to try these out! I have a pair of MT840's that I've loved, but I'm looking to go with less shoe out on the trail.

    Jeff Lorow

    Mechanicsburg, PA

  8. Ben Dickson

    Love these shoes, light, good protection from the rocky trails here. Make me think I'm faster than I really am.

    Ben D

    Reno NV

  9. Jason D.

    I've seen a couple reviews of these now and they look interesting. Would like to give them a try! I've got a birthday coming up this week…I know the folks at New Balance were planning to get me a gift anyway. ;)

    Jason D.

    Magalia, CA

  10. Ray

    Phenomenal shoes – love running in them on all terrain from asphalt to rocks, to mud. My only complaint has been sometimes on really technical downhill my feet slide around a bit too much, but it sounds like the 101's will also address this.

    I haven't experienced any of the achilles' issues. In fact, they're the only shoes that DON'T bother my achilles!

    – Ray

    Springfield, NJ

  11. Thomas E.

    The minimalist aspect of the MT100 intrigues me, but if it is as you say, great on packed trails, then it gives me a slight pause. Although not quite the minimalist shoe, I really like my Sportiva Crosslites. I wonder hot the MT100 ride would compare.



    Knoxville, TN

  12. Shad

    I love these shoes!!! I use these as my trail shoes and Nike Frees as my road shoe. Lighter the better over a 100 miles.


    Boulder Colorado

  13. Chris

    I'd love to pick up a pair of these, as my road shoes are getting increasingly minimal, and I'd like to move in that direction on trails, too.


    Ellettsville, IN

  14. Miles

    One other note on the 100's – they run about a 1/2 size small. Usually wear a 12 in running shoes (including my beloved 790s), but definitely needed a 12.5 in the 100's. Love the site!


    Houston, TX

  15. Curt Rissmiller

    I've switched to lighter road shoes already, and the MT100 looks like it might be my new trail shoe. Does anyone know how the forefoot width compares to other NB shoes?

    Curt Rissmiller

    Bear DE

    1. Brad Williams

      Hi Curt,

      i run in both the NB 100s and the 790s. I think that the forefoot in the 100s is quite a bit more narrow than that of the 790s or other NB models that I've run in the past. However, not to the degree that it makes me go up a size. I wear a 10.5 in both models. I just seem to have a bit more "wiggle room" in the 790s which can be both good and bad depending on how you look at it and what kind on a run you're going on. I hope this helps.

  16. Connie (OHCowgirl)

    Oh wow! I would love a pair of these. My first ever running shoes…back in the mid-80's were NB and I loved them.


    Columbus, OH

  17. Jeff lichty

    After running a technical trail in vibram five fingers and tons of stone brusing I can't wait to get my hands on these…they're the perfect shoe for me

    Gatineau Quebec

  18. will

    Great review.

    Will L

    New York, NY

    I'm a minimalist shoe guy so basically when I look for a new shoe now, I look almost exclusively at the weight of the shoe (anything more than 10oz is usually out for me). These MT100's interest me b/c they are lightweight AND for trail, a combo you don't see too often.

  19. Seth Ballard

    Those look to be great shoes. I haven't had a chance to see them up close yet but the video was a great way to introduce them to me. Need a new pair of shoes anyways so here's hoping!

    Seth Ballard

    Inverness, FL

  20. Josh

    I've been running in the MT100s for about 2 months and love them. They've pretty much ruined me for all my other shoes. I've built up to running >20 miles in them and this weekend wore them for the first half of a 50 miler. My only semi "complaint" is that because of the low profile I accumulate a fair amount of dirt and rocks inside them when running on softer/sand-ier trails. But I think it's worth it for the rest of benefits – comfort, lightweight, soft touch on ground, etc.


  21. FameThrowa

    Great review. Have had my eyes on these for awhile and would love to give them a shot … seems like it might be just the shoe I'm looking for.


    Durham, NC

  22. Jason Patton

    Love these shoes. I have about 600 miles on mine in snow, mud, dirt, rocks and asphalt. All my other shoes stay in the closet. I need a new pair soon though I bet I get another couple hundred miles out of this pair.

    Jason Patton

    Albuquerque, NM

  23. Nic

    I'm on my second pair of MT100's. The first pair gave me some issues after I ran on roads a bit too much in them, but when it comes to trails, they're top notch!

    I'd love to get a pair thanks to iRunFar!

    Kiel, WI

  24. Kevin

    I swear I'm serious when I keep saying the shoes you feature on these give-aways are the shoes I've been keeping an eye on and planning on getting! Actually, I ended up picking up a pair of cross lights (I know, before the contest even ended on the La Sportiva give-away!) and I love them. My goal in getting them was to assist in my transitioning to the minimalist MT100s. I also picked up a pair of the VFF's to help build strength and toughen my feet for the transition. Winning these would just make my transition that much easier! ;)


    Greenbelt, MD

  25. BJ

    Love the 100's. Always my go to shoe unless I'm expecting mud. Feels like my foot's in a nimble slipper. Unfortunately my current pair is long in the tooth and a bit short on rubber. Hook me up.


    Ogden, UT

  26. Eric Jeppsen

    I like my 100s, especially for racing–they're light and comfortable, and with the rock plate they seem to provide sufficient protection on technical trails. However, they're not perfect: if I don't lace them tightly through the heel and midfoot, they feel very insecure on technical trails; they let a lot of trail debris enter through the ankle; the uppers are not very durable, and rocky terrain will shred them sooner than later (of course, it's probably not reasonable to expect light weight and durability, especially at the price).


    Salt Lake City, UT

  27. Jim Parry

    This looks like a great shoe! I was wearing more minimalist shoes way before it was cool to do so. I have always been most comfortable in a shoe that is light, flexible, and fast, even thought personally I don't fit into any of those categories! I have followed Anton Krupicka for some time and would love to try out a pair of shoes that he helped design. By the way, your interview with him was great! I have watched it several times, and find inspiration from each viewing.

  28. Tyson L.

    Great review! I love my 790s but I don't think they will last much longer. These look like their replacement. Has anyone got a sneak peak of the MT101s?

    Tyson L.

    Chicago, IL

    1. Bryon Powell

      Tyson, I got a chance to see the MT101 and talk to the New Balance folk about it back in January. I provided some commentary here:… .

      In brief, the MT101 is very similar to the MT100, but has a more flexible rockplate, a more supportive upper, and a double thickness tongue. NB addressed the occasional Achilles cutting with manufacturing changes. Another manufacturing change was to switch out an adhesive, the offgassing of which bothered some folks. The prototype I saw was /slightly/ heavier than the MT100, but I think it was still under 8 ounces for a men's 9.

  29. Billy

    I finally got on the MT100 bandwagon and I absolutely love em. Haven't quite reached double digits in them yet, but they are great for fast running on not-too-technical trails. Feel like I can climb faster in them due to the light weight and yes, the heel design is great for the downhills.

  30. Cheri Hall

    I like the look of this New Balance minimalist trail shoe. I want to give it a try. Currently I run in a Brooks trail shoe and I do some track running in a Nike Free.



  31. Moogy

    I'll have to go thru y'alls comment list to see folks opinions on running 50+ miles in them…I'm thinking about using them at Western. A new pair SURE would be nice to change into at Foresthill! 8)

    Moogy, Collingwood, Ontario

  32. Mariko

    I love my 100s and have been pretty amazed that I can wear them on the trails. They are the lightest and most minimal shoes I have (I also run in NB 790s and have run in the Mizuno Mushas). I'm really looking forward to the 2nd generation of the 100s!! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  33. John

    Having gone from the big, "body-armor" type Montrail shoes down to the slightly more minimalist Inov-8 line, I'm looking forward to trying out the MT-100's as the next step.


    Auburn, AL

  34. Heidi

    I'd be really curious to try these. Particularly because I naturally land on my forefoot, so I wonder how minimalist shoes would work for that?

    If I don't win these, I might be compelled to buy a pair on my own to test out!

  35. Alex

    I have been running in about every different pair of shoes I can get my hands on, but the last time I tried New Balance was probably in the 90s. Time to continue finding what works!


    Pocatello, ID

  36. Tom Wilson

    Love this shoe! I have ordered a second pair becuase there is nothing like floating over just about any terrain. If you want to be better on the trails give these light weight gems a try!

  37. Ryan Wixom

    I've been running in these shoes all year. They are fantastic. I feel like they have transformed my running. I've since tried to run in my previous favorite shoe (Montrail Mountain Massochist) and it just doesn't feel right. If they discontinue the MT100 I'll have to learn how to run all over again. I'm tempted to stock up a life time supply.

    A free pair would super. Please enter me in the contest.

    Ryan Wixom

    Albuquerque, NM

  38. Matt

    I've put one 5 mile run in my MT100s; I wouldn't mind another pair to keep in the rotation or give to a friend. I like them so far. I wonder how long of runs I can do in them. I'm up to 25 easy miles in my inov8 295s. I raced 18.6 in them this weekend and that left my ankles and feet pretty tired of the technical sections. Can't imagine what racing the technical parts of trails would feel like in the MT100s. If all goes well, I will ramp up the MT100s and find out.

    Matt, Plano, TX

  39. Mark Ryan

    I love my firebleades but the toe box is a little too small, maybe these would suit the bill. First year of trail running with my first 50km in 12 days. Thanks for the resource Bryon, you guys are doing a great job.

    Mark Ryan

    Edmonton, Alberta


  40. Dan

    I'm currently running in Columbia Ravenous & Montrail Mtn Masochists. I've been very eager to try these lightweight MT100's. They seem perfect for summer trail season.


    Portland, OR


  41. Steve

    I've been wanting to try these, I've been running in Nike frees but I want something lighter, with less going on.


  42. PJ Murphy

    These shoes look great. I'm definitely going to check them out. I've been running 1/2 marathons for the last year or so, and am thinking about mixing in some trail running/training.

    These look like the perfect shoe for my next challenge!

  43. Nick lang

    I've been wanting to try these shoes for ages it seems like. But never really had the oppertunity. The real bummer is if I win I won't be able to try them for a few months though cause I've been sidelined with back problems.

    Nick Lang

    Lawrence, KS

  44. David Stores


    Great review on the MT100s! I wear the 790s (without the insole) quite a bit and love the low profile and overall lightness of the shoe. They're comfortable and I look forward to trying the MT100s or the 101s that are coming out in the future.

    David Stores

    Washington, Missouri

  45. TJ Maher

    I have had calf problems and have had to cut back my running over the last several years. I focused on changing my form to be more efficient, wear compression calf socks and run almost exclusively on trails or a track. I also found that motion controlled shoes did more harm than good, so on the recommendation of my local running store, Second Wind in Setauket NY, I purchased a pair of MT100's. I love running in them, they make me feel like a kid running through the woods. My dog Max and I are now slowly building our mileage back up on the Greenbelt trails of Long Island and having a great time doing it!

  46. Alex B

    I've been running trails for years in road shoes and would love for these to be my first trail shoes.

    Washington, DC

  47. nick budzyn

    love my "hundos"… won a trail marathon the first time i ran in them, and wore them for my first hundred miler a week later, finished in 23:08 with no blisters… more recently i just won an extremely muddy 5k in them… great shoes, super comfy… did cut into my heel on the first run, but havent had trouble since then, have a back up pair, but they last forever! they dry super quick too

  48. Sophia

    Currently wearing Montrail Mtn Masochist on trail, Brooks Ghost on road, and VFF to strengthen feet while walking about town. So far, so good. Ready to introduce low-profile trail shoe.

    Thanks for the review and the give-away!


    Monterey, CA

  49. Ian Stevens

    Love a pair of those. Never worn NB trail shoes although years ago had good luck in their road shoes. Currently in Vasque trail shoes but would like to try something a tad lighter espeically as I am now a tad lighter :-)



    Naperville IL

  50. Steve Godfrey

    Love my Roclite 295's, but have been gobbling up any info I can get about the MT's. Would love to find a pair of shoes for harder packed trails where I need a little more cushion and a little less traction.

    Steve Godfrey

    Orangevale, CA

  51. Martin

    Used to run in the 790s as well as the NB XC shoes. The 100s are the perfect balance of light/minimal shoes but with slightly improved protection in the mid-foot. My favorite shoe and I'm ready for a new pair!

  52. Melissa

    Thanks for the great review—detailed and an honest assessment. Many shoe reviews you read are all positives. It's nice to hear possible good and bad points.

    I enjoy my 5 fingers but need more protection on the trails. These look like they'd fit the bill. Would love to try them out on the rocky ridges of the AT here in southwest Virginia!


    Blacksburg, VA

  53. Kay

    I've never worn any New Balance shoes so I'd love the brand, and it sounds like those shoes really ought to be running the trails around Charlotte, NC. ;)

  54. Andy B.

    I tried them on briefly in a running store a while ago, and they felt pretty good. Just wasn't ready to buy shoes at the time. Now, I'm looking around and trying to find something in the minimalist realm and these just might have to be tried again. Thanks for the review.

    Andy Benkert

    Boulder Creek, CA

  55. Dawn Lisenby

    Current;y using Brooks Cascadia and have tried Muzuino Wave-both good shoes. Would really like to try these as heel looks lower and seems it would give a better feel of the trail.

  56. jc callans

    I have been through 2 pairs of the 100s since they stopped making my favorites the NB 790s. First of all, great shoe! The sizes run correct if you are not planning on wearing socks. Size up a half for socks. From day one I have never needed socks with these and have never had any blisters. They are also the best shoes for my bio mechanics. Slippery on the asphalt but no problems on the trails and switch backs. I believe the downhill abilities are greatly enhanced by wearing no socks.

    My only issue is the stiff plate for rock protection. It is just not necessary and stiffens the shoe to make it uncomfortable to go over a 50K. I have tried modifications by drilling through the plate with little holes in forefoot but not much help.

    Having said all that – if I am experiencing any little aches or twinges from too much mileage – I just wear these for a good trail run and I am miraculously healed.

    Can't wait to see what they have planned for the future of this shoe. Best, JC

  57. Anthony

    My wife runs in these shoes and loves them, while my running partner just picked up a pair (after running in nothing by La Sportiva minimalist shoes for the past 12 – 18 months and Five Fingers) and can't seem to get used them – foot pain on longer runs, etc -, they are the older verision so these may be a bit better and feel more like a shoe you can run in without being 135 lbs.

    I would like to give them a go but not quite sure I want to drop cash on something that may sit in the closet.

  58. Chris Peck

    FYI, I have run in the NB MT100 after reading Josue Stephen's review. They were my first 'minimalist' shoe. (To be honest, I have run marathons in racing flats and always gotten the lightest shoe available so the term 'minimalist' is a buzz word to me) I LOVE the shoe. It works well here in Portland. Even in mud, it is great. As Bryon's review, I have noticed the lateral support is lacking. But that makes one a better trail runner as far as I'm concerned. It makes you pay more attention to your line.

    Chris in Lake Oswego, OR. I hope I win a pair!

  59. Dan T.

    Been in New Balance for quite some time, but only road shoes. Would love to give these a spin on the trail.

    Thanks for the offer.

  60. Tom

    I've blown through three pairs of these this year and must say they're the best minimalist shoes i've tried yet. They're best on semi-rocky terrain with significant elevation change (keeping you on your toes and thereby weighting the comfortable places on the last. Not great ifyouplan to run the bike paths regularly but the orange version will make you the envy of hipsters everywhere!


    Pasadena, California

  61. Brandon Platt

    I've been following Anton since 2006, and to have a pair of shoes with his collaboration would be inspiring.


    Georgetown, KY

  62. Paul Charteris

    I still think that New Balance should have named these shoes "The Anton". I would be super-keen on trying these shoes. My NB790's (which I have worn in to the ground) are the perfect minimalist trail shoe but they lack grippiness in the sole for wet, steep and technical terrain. These new shoes look like they'll solve that problem perfectly.

    Thanks for listening to the running public New Balance.

    Cheers, Paul Charteris

    – New Zealand

  63. Zsuzsanna Carlson

    I like that it doesn't have a post to prevent pronation. I want to pronate.

    Zsuzsanna Carlson

    Jersey City, NJ

  64. Bob Tucker

    Bob Tucker, Santa Barbara, California

    One thing I love about NB is that some models (not sure about the MT100-WT100) are manufacture or assembled in the good old USA!!!!

    Great review! Thanks

  65. John Mossman

    The MT-100s are dope, but I love how even as minimalist as they are, more than a couple runners I know have still felt the need to shave some rubber off of the heel. I have not been able to try them out yet, but I want to really bad.

    John Mossman in Edwardsville, IL.

  66. mary

    I'm a new balance girl for road running – but haven't tried the trail shoes yet. Review makes me rethink my other trail shoes!
    Mary Rogers of Springfield, Illinois !

  67. C Weaver

    Have been wanting to get my hands on a pair of these. Alas, I'm a poor college student and haven't been able to shell out the cash on a pair of shoes of whose durability I'm still a little uncertain. Would love to give them a test.

    Casey Weaver

    Carbondale, CO

    Colorado Springs, CO

  68. Spencer King

    The 790's were my favorite shoes, I wore my last pair for an entire year until the upper ripped off mid run! just bought a pair of La Sportivia Skylites as a replacement hoping they would be similar, they feel like hiking boots! I should file them under $100 mistakes. I have heard great things about the MT 100, and could really use a pair as I have a race in less then a month (Rothrock challenge on June 5th) with no money to buy new shoes and don't like the idea of running 30k in a pair of skylites.

    Spencer King
    Scranton Pa

  69. Nick

    I'm trying to decide what my next pair of trailrunners will be. My Salomons are beyond dead. I would love to try these.

    Nick Chalupa

    Somerville, MA

  70. Anonymous

    I've never worn NB, but I'd certainly give them a try. I like that they look like they'd be great on a trail without being too heavy and bulky.

    Jill, Montauk, NY

  71. Jill Robins

    I’ve never worn NB, but I’d certainly give them a try. I like that they look like they’d be great on a trail without being too heavy and bulky.

    Jill Robins

    Montauk, NY

  72. Jeff F

    Excellent review. I was about 95% convinced to switch from Mizuno Wave Ascend 4s to the NB MT100s before this review. Now I'm sure I want a pair.

    Jeff Faulkner

    Beaver Dams, NY

  73. Rich Sudz

    Last year I bought a pair of New Balance 749's after many pairs of Brooks Adrenalines ASR's. They felt great in the store and I loved the fact that they were made in the U.S.A. ultimately they didn't work for me on the trail but I would love to give N.B. another chance with the MT100's. I have heard many positive things from some friends about them, as well as the review.

  74. Jason H.

    I've had a pair of MT100's for about 6 months now and have put on almost 200 miles, mostly trail, and have really liked them. They are super light and comfortable. Certainly nothing like my, now extinct and former favorite shoe the Montrail Hardrock. I am still trying to decide if I will buy another pair of these when this pair wears out. Longest races this shoe have been half marathons, but that is only because I don't want to commit to a bigger race in this shoe until I am certain my feet can handle it. I think they are getting close.

    Thanks for the great shoe review!

  75. David

    I wore these shoes in the most recent Ice Age 50 and loved them. The trail had a few technical sections and the shoes did well on those. The trail even had some mud and the shoes cruised through them. I did receive a blister on the lateral surface of each third toe, but did not have an achilles problems. I would recommend them for racing certainly up to 50 miles and I will try them at this years Old Dominion 100 too.

  76. Tracey, Colorado Spr

    I love love love these shoes! I've worn them on everything from dirt to rocks to roots to snow to scree and even some pavement. The rock plate is amazing. I can still feel the ground, but nothing pointy or painful–exactly what I want in a minimal shoe.

  77. MikeC

    I have a pair of these. Bought them after nearly getting frostbitten toes trying to run in the winter with Five Fingers shoes. Love these shoes. They aren't as low to the ground as the Vasque transistor, but feel much lighter. The laces are GREAT, such a small thing that I really like. Mine are starting to smell, would love a new pair!

  78. Thomas Tan

    I have never worn a "minimalist"trail running shoe. My current trail shoe is Brooks Cascadia. I like it because it is very flexible for a variety of terrain and provides good protection. Come to think about, based on the NB MT/WT100 review by Travis, it sounds like Cascadia and MT100 have many similarities with the latter being a much lighther shoe


    Newcastle, WA

  79. Gene Edwards

    Hey Bryon,
    Great to see you hooking up with Travis on the reviews. His webisodes/reviews are always informative. Another great addition to irunfar.
    I have been wanting to try the MT100's since I am moving towards more minimalist shoes. Thanks again for a great site. Be back tomorrow, just like every other day!

    Gene from Audubon, NJ

  80. Dan Sears

    Have found these shoes to be one of my favorite go-to runners for up to 40 milers for all trails but the most muddy, gnarsty conditions. I wear mine with lightweight socks. Very natural trail feel and the rock plate rocks.

    Bellevue, WA

  81. Edward

    What sizes do you have available? New Balance is almost completely out of stock (online), as are most other retailers. I just ordered a 13 in the hope that it won't be too big, but I'm pessimistic.


    Philadelphia, PA

    1. Bryon Powell

      I was not been made aware of any size restrictions when I checked in with NB a week or so ago. As for sizing, the shoes are the "correct" or standard size when worn sockless or with thin socks. You could always sock up if need be.

  82. jeremy

    great review yet again. i've been wanting to take these for a spin since i learned about them last year. they seem ideally suited to the typical shoe and style of running i love.

    anchorage, ak

  83. Beth Weisenborn

    Gettysburg, PA. After reading an early post on irunfar about the NB100, I decided to give them a try. They are sock-like compared to my other road shoes (NB and Brooks) and trail shoes (Brooks) and feel great. I worry a tad about covering rocky terrain in them, so I've stuck to more 'manicured' trails. They've worked well for me. I'd love a new pair.

  84. Christian

    I would love to try a pair. I've been looking all over for a pair in my size. I can't find them anywhere. Very limited size selection.

    Does anyone know why these shoes are so hard to find, or where I can find some?

    Thanks from Braselton, GA

  85. Valine

    I bought my Suunto T6c on the back of a review you did and I couldn't be happier. I'll definitely be subscribing to your reviews Travis. Thanks!


    London, ENGLAND

  86. Chris Jaworski

    How is toe protection with the MT100?

    I'm interested in trying these shoes, as I've been hearing great things about them, just as I had been hearing great things about their predecessors.

  87. Colleen, Linden, VA

    I've worn the NB 904s and loved them so I am very interested to see how these shoes compare. Would love to be able to try them out.



  88. Ted

    I would love to try a pair of these out on the rocky trails up here in the Northeast … keeping my fingers crossed.

    Ted Darling

    South Berwick, Maine

  89. Jay Thomson

    Excellent review! I just started trail running 3 months ago and these were the first pair of shoes I piked up…and I honestly don't see myself moving away from them. They are super light, while still providing a good deal of support. I will be testing them out in my first 50k this weekend. I'm in love with my MT100's!

    Jay Thomson

    Santa Cruz, CA

  90. Glenn Steckler

    Tried these on at a store, fast and light, but don't know if my feet could stand 100 miles of Leadville in them, however, they would be a great training tool to help build foot strength. Please consider me for your contest. Thank you for the great review and info.

    Glenn Steckler

    Telluride, CO

  91. John Constan

    I'm in the market for a new training/racing trail shoe since Vasque Blur has changed their style a bit. I would love to try a pair out I'm size 10.5 – 11.


    John Constan

    Grand Junction, CO

  92. Tobias

    Thanks for sharing this excellent review of the MT100s! I've been intrigued by the shoes for a while for the obvious appeal of their minimal design and exceptional outsole. But, since I just purchased a pair of Inov-8 Flyroc 310s, I'm, um, not allowed to buy any new shoes for a while. It sure would be nice to compare these to the Inov-8s, though. If only there were some way to get my feet in a pair…

    Tobias Hough :: Raleigh

  93. David Kennedy

    I'd love to give them a try, a couple of friends have tried the MT100s and so far like them.

    David Kennedy

    Honesdale, PA

  94. Evan

    Im Evan, I live (LA = Lower Alabama)in Lillian, AL and and I could go a (far piece) with a pair of these Fancy shoes !!!

  95. Jim P.

    Haven't yet had the chance to try out the MT100s, but I have been passed on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO by Tony Krupicka. As we all remember from our days as kids, new shoes make your run faster. Here's to hoping a new pair of New Balance shoes will do the trick.

  96. Paul

    Love the minimalist stuff…just got myself a pair of the f-lite 230s and they are great. I like being able to feel the ground, especially on the trails. I feel more in tune with my body.

    Paul J

    San Diego

  97. Tom

    Count me in for a pair, size 11.5.

    I paced my wife 20 miles at her first ultra in a borrowed pair of MT100's and loved them. Not great traction in the sloppy, muddy conditions, but felt like slippers!


    Ankeny, IA

  98. Zach Ashby

    I have found that the MT100 are about the best shoe that I have worn. I would love to have another pair (or two or three)


    Stanford, CA

  99. PeterDickson

    The concept of this shoe is perfect for very competitive or elite runners on well structured trail runs, but I am concerned that this is not enough shoe for most serious runners. I remember seeing the earlier model 790 being used on the Kepler Challenge which is a 62km non technical mountain run in New Zealand. That runner was pronating so badly in his 790's that his heel had slid over the inside edge of the shoe and the shoe was basically rotating outwards on his feet and the inside edge of his heel was landing on the shoes upper. Basically the upper was not strong enough to keep his heel centered correctly on the sole. Seeing that a lot of non-elite runners buy lightweight shoes to improve their performances, I would hope that NB recognize that some support, or structure, is still required to make this shoe fit for use by the majority of runners who will be buying it.

  100. kevin

    I bought the MT100's last December and I've really enjoyed running in them. I've switched back and forth between my MT100's and LaSportiva Fireblades. I don't run a whole lot of miles, but the MT100's are a lot of fun. I enjoy their light weight, but I've never felt that they don't give me enough protection (thankfully I haven't nailed any rocks with the toe bumper, because it's definitely softer than many trail shoes). The rockplate does a great job of protecting the bottom of the foot and it's even better than I expected it to be.

    I haven't run an ultra in them, but they've served my purposes for shorter runs very well.

    I wore them on the road this past weekend for 6.55 miles in a 4-person marathon relay. I don't have any road shoes and they felt fine on the pavement for that distance.

    Another pair would be great!


    Newark, DE

  101. Steve

    I've been running in a pair of these for a while now and I love them. I had no issue with the Achilles notch. I don't care for the laces, they seem too short and the sausage links make it hard to get the perfect tight-loose fit. I haven't run any super long distances in them, but for the shorter (up to 10 miles) that I've done they've been perfect. It's just fun running in a shoe that's so light you hardly feel it.

    And I'd like another pair, please.


    Idaho Falls, ID

  102. Meghan

    Wow, impressive response to this piece! So cool! Would you kindly put me in your drawing hat? Thanks for all the awesome work you do!

  103. Cheri

    I've been dreaming of the MT100 ~ funds are low & I've only ran in Brooks Cascadia.

    I'd love to have a pair.

    Can't feed the family shoes….so my funds are limited in shoe shopping.

    Cheri Redwine

    McMinnville, Oregon

  104. victor snover

    I am considering a pair of the mt100 shoes and just can't pull the trigger on them… I am afraid that at 200 lbs I am too big to wear such a minimalist shoe, what do you guys think. Reading Born to Run really made me rethink my whole approach to running and equipment for running and these shoes seem like the perfect platform for that new approach. Currently I have Montrail Mountain Masochist and just picked up a pair of Cascadia 5's based largely on the reviews on this very site… thanks and keep it up!

  105. Tom

    Thanks for reviewing the shoes. I am looking forward to trying these out as I like prefer pseudo-minimalistic shoes and I'm curious if these shoes could handle the 70-90 mpw I put in on rocky trails. Plus, I'm very poor and I need new shoes! Size 10 por favor?


    Canon City, CO

  106. Andrew Guthrie

    I have owned NB 790 and I enjoyed the minimalist structure and light weight. I would love try the MT100's and see if they are an improvement on that design.

    Send some my way!


    Edmond, OK

  107. Jason Contino

    These shoes seam pretty sick. I am wondering how they would do as a light hiker. I am going to be backpacking in New Mexico all summer and need a new pair of trail runner/light hikers.


    State College, PA

  108. BK

    Great review. I appreciate the thoroughness and relevance of the content. I run in NB 875s and have been interested in trying the MT's. I understand that they revamped it slightly over the winter to make some minor improvements. Happy to see a first hand perspective on the features and lack thereof. Looking for size 11.5!

    Bret Kinsella

    Leesburg, VA

  109. Elijah Rossi

    I'd love to try a pair of these. I do most of my running in xc flats or barefoot. The beafiest shoe I use is only for longer runs and its the NB 840. A 10.5 or 11 would really hit the spot!

    Poquoson, VA

    I like it in the dirt!

  110. Tarzan Sutton

    I bought a pair of New Balance 840's this spring and am training for my first Ultra, a 50 miler! Huge fan of this site, Ive told my friends about it as well! This shoe may be the Perfect Shoe……see you on the trails!

    1. tracy h.

      I have trouble with a lot of trail shoes being too structured, stiff and heavy. I have trail races in the NB790's and I love them, so light, flexible and good for the toes to get a grip on smooth trails. These new MT 100s would be super fun to try at Kettle Moraine in WI, or Tecumseh trail marathon, IN, or Big Bend 50K.

  111. Jason

    Gig Harbir, WA.

    Sign me up. I've had mixed results with NB shoes. I'm taking a recent interest in lower profile shoes (like many others) as I contemplate the accuracy of Born To Run and what I can take away from it.

  112. Bob Holzhauer


    Bob Holzhauer, Fairfax, VA – Size 12. I really need something thats tough enough to replace the 07 Blurs. For the guy that asked if they'd be okay for a 200 pounder, wait'll he sees a "superclyde" coming down the trail. I'm hovering around 230… BTW, The Vasque Mindbender's soles got "soft" and the whole upper seemed loose by the end of the 24 hour race (100km) on May 1st. I admittedly wore the same pair for the entire time to see how they'd hold up. One of the reasons I liked the Blurs was a light shoe with a stiff sole that protected my feet from broken shale.

    1. Conrad

      I would like to try these out for a few hundred miles on some spring/summer single track.


      Silver Spring, MD

    1. Michael Helton

      I wore MT100's for about 6 months (up to a 5 hour run) and they were my goto shoe for all trail running (until I absolutely fell in love with Flite 230's). Fast, light, and plenty of protection.

      -run a bit more narrow than I like (I have bunions) but I just get them a size big and no issues.

      -the laces are awesome

      -the top of the heel destroyed many people's achilles but I had no issues when wearing Drymax socks

      -front of both outsoles cracked after about 300 miles, but no further structural damage

      -great grip on all dry terrain

      -very breathable and dry fast. However, the airy mesh does let in a high amount of fine dust (if you have that where you run)

      -Insole is NOT replacable, so if you wear through it the shoes may be tossers

      Overall awesome trail shoe and my second favorite. I would love another pair to replace my worn ones.

  113. Ben


    Ben Reeves

    Highlands Ranch, CO



    Any extra consideration for being annoying?

  114. Lloyd Sifford

    No one in town carries these shoes, so I haven't even tried them on yet. Would love to try a pair!

    I have been running some in Brooks Mach 11s on the road and a dirt path. Not a bad shoe, but too minimal for me at this point. Almost feels like it has a negative heel.

    Lloyd Sifford

    Charleston, SC

  115. Matt Biggin

    Count me in. Great product but it doesn't get stocked over this side of the Atlantic so would be great to try it out on our fabulous trails.

    (in the UK so will cover any postage costs should I be lucky enough to win)

  116. Paps

    They feel like there's not much holding me in on steep descents and they stink after a few sockless runs, but I love them!


    Vancouver BC

  117. Umesh S

    Thanks for the excellent in-depth review -really perked my interest in these shoes.

    I've just started running on trails and am currently running in an old pair of asics. These shoes definitely look more suited to the kind of running conditions I expect to encounter and would love to try them out.



    Houston, Tx

  118. Jeff Gallo

    I really want a pair of these, I just moved from southern, coastal VA back to Long Island. I live very near a state park with some fun trails, so i'm looking for a good minimal trail shoe. I noticed these disappeared from NB's website, I hope the 101 will be as good!


    Kings Park

  119. Chris Luck

    Looks like I have about 20 minutes left to enter this drawing!! While I am brand loyal to NB for all of my road racing shoes, I haven't been tempted to try their trail shoes. Maybe getting a free pair will head me in that direction. Thanks… Chris Luck Whitefield, NH

  120. Chris Benoit

    Any idea where I can get these? I can't find them anywhere online. I wear a size 13 and really don't want any other shoe than this shoe but New Balance is doing everything they can to keep me from getting them!

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