My Best Days

My best days end up with me dirty, sore, and exhausted. Those days are satisfying. I love those days. Laurel Highlands was one of those days and so was yesterday. I never made it out for my 20 mile morning run, but did work outside in my gardens from 11 until 7 and then spent another house organizing the basement. After that I ate dinner, waited a bit, and went out for a run. I struggled through a slow, pitiful, barely-made-it flat five miles. I was in bed by 10:30 with some lemon sorbet and an organic gardening book. Would I have benefited for a long run yesterday, sure? Do I regret my long day in the garden? No way. Marigolds were interplanted in the tomatoes. Tomato cages went in. I planted my herb garden and my perennial flower bed. I straightened up the backyard in general. I couldn’t have been much happier than when I was sitting at my patio table eating dinner, chatting with my roommate Drew, and looking out at my yard and gardens…. except I have have been happier passing out in bed after a long day of work.

A big part of living life is figuring out what you enjoy most. I did some of that this weekend.