MdS Delusion

Here’s some proof of the rain in the Sahara. Check out the drops in the pool. It’s raining steadily again and there have been a few peals of thunder.

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  1. I am a runner. &quot

    Lets hope the race gets started and the footing is okay! water does funny things in the desert. Stay safe and enjoy my freind.Greg

  2. Yassine Diboun

    Crazy! Last time I was in Morocco I was wishing it would rain to cool us off!!! I guess you never know what's in store! Best wishes…we're all keeping our eyes and ears on you guys out there in Sahara! Talk soon

  3. Kay

    I cannot believe this craziness. All the best to all of you. We'll be tracking you here and on Lisa's blog. Stay safe indeed.

  4. neverstoprunning

    Byron, rain and all, this is so exciting. I have been to Morocco, in a hotel very similar, in a sand storm. Keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen to you. We are all following you and wishing you well!-JW

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Mountain Goat: It's called a "peal" of thunder. Unless Morocco has particularly noisy bananas.Love, Nick the Chick, HC '10

  6. Bryon Powell

    Thanks, Nick the Chick… I pondered the correct spelling of thunder peal for a while… and got it wrong. :-) It's corrected now.

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