La Sportiva Electron Review

A review of the La Sportiva Electron.

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La Sportiva Electron Review

Last summer, Bryon completed a very thorough review and overview of the technologies used in La Sportiva’s new Morphodynamic trail running shoes which can be seen here. Convinced that I couldn’t write a better review about this shoe, I decided to put together a video highlighting my enjoyment testing this shoe on trails in the Wet Mountains of southern Colorado. For an overall outlook about what I liked and disliked about the Electron, see below.

Overall Impressions
Out of the box I didn’t think I’d like this shoe much. The sole appeared bulky and the fact that the shoe weighs in at 13.1 ounces did not increase its chances of becoming a part of my regular shoe rotation. However, the shoe looks great and once I slipped them on I began to understand what this Morphodynamic cushioning is all about. The cushioning in the Electron is substantial, plenty for an ultra, and equally distributed between the heel and forefoot (heel to toe drop is a standard 11mm). For me, this shoe fits true to size and I noticed how well the upper is constructed to include overlays to keep the debris out. [Editor’s note: For most runners, both the Electron and Quantum, its sister shoe, many runners find they need to size up at least 1/2 size and sometimes a full size.] The Electron also locks your foot down well and the upper hugged my foot like a glove. So… here is a performance list of pros and cons for the shoe.


  • Great cushioning: This is now my go to shoe for any training run over 25 miles.
  • Great traction from the Morphodynamic sole which increases surface area contact with the ground.
  • Plenty of support for overpronators.
  • Rubber saved my toenails a few times on rocks.
  • Plenty of protection from sharp rocks despite lack of rock plate.
  • Ballistic construction. No debris got into my shoe on any runs.
  • Morphodynamic sole seems to role and adapt over any terrain.
  • The forefoot was flexible but did not hinder ascending steep trails.
  • Simple and effective lacing system.
  • Great fit!


  • Without lugs, the shoe is slippery on muddy trails or wet clay.
  • Weight – 13.1 ounces will deter me from racing in this shoe.

It should be noted that I was not able to get the shoe wet to see how it shed water.

Tom Caughlan

Tom Caughlan is a part of the iRunFar gear review team. Tom has been testing and reviewing trail running shoes and gear for over 10 years. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tom has been running since middle school and enjoyed competing in college for the University of Michigan. Tom is a psychotherapist by trade and works for the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.