Flatland Ultra’s iRunFar Interview

Happy holidays everyone! Before we shut down iRunFar headquarters and head up to New Jersey for some sweet trail running (no, really) we’re psyched to share an interview with you. Below the fold is a video interview of iRunFar Runner-in-Chief, Bryon Powell, conducted by the guys over at Flatland Ultra, Travis Liles and Michael Green. In the interview Bryon discusses his running history, the history and growth of iRunFar, Anthony Portera‘s This Week in Running, and the effect of blogs and the Internet on the trail and ultrarunning communities.

[Editor’s Note: We’re afraid this video’s been lost to the ether.]

After you’re done watching the interview, be sure to go over to Flatland Ultra and leave them a comment answering Bryon’s “Question of the Day” – “What get’s you out the door?” While you’re over at Flatland Ultra, check out their in-depth video gear reviews (i.e., hydration packs and Inov-8 shoes) and other video features (i.e., Karl King nutrition interview and McNaughton Park 100 race report).