Highs and Lows: A July To Remember

I wish I had some grand running lessons to share this month, but I don’t. I was about to share that I don’t have any life lessons to share either, but I guess that’s not true. Through its highs and lows, July was a good reminder to and good practice in taking things as they come, both the good and the bad.

Karl - Weminuche Wilderness

Way up high in the Weminuche Wilderness on a run/fish adventure with Karl. All photos: Bryon Powell

The first three weeks of the month were fantastic. After overworking myself through the spring, I committed to a more reasonable workload for the month. That opened up space to check off plenty of long outstanding to-do items in my personal life, which felt great in and of itself, as well as giving myself enough time to bring my running back up to a level that I enjoy.

Continental Divide above Cunningham Gulch

Coming off the Continental Divide above Cunningham Gulch.

The month kicked off with my first 70-mile week since March and I repeated that the following two weeks. For the most part that running was lumpy in the most enjoyable way. It was filled with moderately big single-day adventures with low volume days in between. It was a perfect way to up my running game with a low risk of injury or burnout.

Most of these adventures centered around fly fishing at some point along the way. The fishing provided a spark for checking out new locations and routes while at the same time breaking up my longer days (up to 32 miles) into more manageable subsections. All in all, I managed to have a great time over a couple weeks–maybe my most enjoyable weeks in years–without getting carried away with it.

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout - Conservation Population

A member of a conservation population of Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

And, then, I got what must have been giardia. After feeling bad on an evening run with Meghan, I was really sick for two days, and kind of sick for another four or five days. Then, I was finally able to connect with a doctor for an antibiotic prescription. Not much more than a day later, I was feeling more or less myself and everything’s been good since. During the illness, which I’d highly recommend avoiding by filtering or purifying all questionable water and being mindful of not cross contaminating water that you’ve treated, I laid low and took things as they came, not doing anything the first few days and, later, doing only what I could given my condition.

Running with Giardia

A not-so-great day running with giardia.

That’s all. July came and went with a couple high highs and low lows, but managing it all with an even keel has me looking forward to August and beyond. Time to take what comes my way.

Call for Comments

How was your July?

Bull Moose - Rio Grande del Norte

A close encounter with a bull moose along the Rio Grande del Norte.

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  1. Sandra Carpenter

    I completed the Collegiate Loop of the Colorado Trail and improved the women’s supported FKT time by 22 hours. It’s 160+ miles with 35kish of vert and it was amazing! I made the decision to sleep each night as I did 130 of it solo and we wanted to respect what’s happening in the world right now. My wonderful friend Andrea did come up to accompany me the third day on two separate portions (the first and the last) which was very helpful.
    I’ve run 100 milers, but I’ve never done back to backs that large (55ish a day) and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had.
    The loop isn’t the most popular FKT to go after, and I’m not an elite but I’m really proud of what I did, so I just wanted to toot my own horn. Kind of embarrassing actually, but F it…I did it, so I’m doin’ it. Plus you asked :)

    1. Marcus

      Awesome, Sandra. Actually, many of us (me included) spend a lot of time criticizing ourselves for stuff, so it’s good you celebrate what you did. I am celebrating with you! I was actually able to run my first 100k week ever in July. Not a world record, but I was pretty proud of myself :-) Come on, people, who else? :-) :-)

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