Head Banging

Sometimes I’m awfully dumb. I might as well be banging my head against the wall for all I learn from some of my mistakes. You see, I’ve had uncomfortably congested lungs since Wednesday and while I did take a day and half off from work, I didn’t take anything that would help the problem. I thought about taking guaifenesin (an expectorant) multiple times, but was too lazy to go pick something up… all the while my lungs feeling like they were on fire. I buying and taking some this afternoon, my lungs are rapidly improving. I was already on the rebound, but there’s been a marked improvement in only a couple of hours. Sometimes I’m so stupid!

The upside is that after three weeks of minimal running, my legs are primed and ready to go. I’ve run 5 miles each of the last 6 days and plan to continue the streak and slowly rebuild my mileage. I will not try to jump back up to 70 or 80 miles this week. No, sir. I’d rather go through the rest of my season slightly under trained then keep blowing myself out. Smart and steady wins the race.