Greeting Cards for Runners

While you shouldn’t except a greeting card from iRunFar this holiday season, we’d like to introduce you to Far Gone Greetings and its line of running-related greeting cards. This impressively large selection of humorous cards were created by a runner who just launched Far Gone last month. Yes, many of them are groaners (see the illiotibial band card), but that’s what greeting cards are all about isn’t it?

Have friends who are triathletes or into yoga? Well, Far Gone has more limited greeting card collections for them and other hobbyists, as well. Help support a fellow runner’s dream by picking up cards for your favorite runners while there’s still time.

Far Gone Greetings 401k race cardThe Far Gone card to the right has us thinking …. why hasn’t anyone created a 401k race in NYC? Likewise, why hasn’t someone run 401k up and down Wall Street to protest its largess? Anyone up for such a challenge?

Any way, after you’ve looked over Far Gone Greeting’s running card collection, you can share you ideas for other cards with the founder.