Running the Country … for Trail Runners?

[2/12/08 11:30 PM Note: I’ve voted, but keep the ideas coming for all the trail runners in states like Wisconsin, Texas, Wyoming, Vermont, and Ohio who have yet to vote this primary season.]

I think I do a pretty good job of not discussing my personal life or views outside of running. However, I’ve never said that I wouldn’t discuss politics if and when it was relevant – this is one of those times. Tuesday the presidential primaries come to Virginia. While I could vote in either primary, I will vote in Democratic primary as the Republican nomination seemed to be wrapped up at this point and I’ve got no particular allegiance to the remaining Republican nominees. Therefore, I ask you with no predisposition towards either Sen. Clinton or Obama, does either have positions that are more favorable with respect to trail running than the other. Please keep the discussion civil and focused on how either candidate would be better for our running!

[Edit – added 2/11/08 9 AM]
Come on folks be creative here. There are so many issues that affect trail runners or are dear to them, such as:

  • Funding for National Parks, Forests, Wilderness Area, etc.
    • Fee for Use programs in these areas
  • Rails to Trails
  • Phys Ed classes in schools
  • Health care for when you get injured trail running at a time when you are free from employment

Obviously, the candidates’ positions on some of these issues, like health care, can be found on their websites, us trail runners might not have easy access to info on the other issues. I’m thinking of those first two points in particular.

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  1. AnthonyP

    LOL – I love it…giving weight to candidates based on their positions regarding trail running. Well, as I wrote in my "My Places" post you featured a week or so ago, Mr. Hillary Clinton has been know to frequent the trails of Rockefeller State Park, so, I suppose you could consider that a feather in her cap.

  2. northwoods bryan

    Okay, I'll go to bat here for Barack Obama.Besides a solid record and policy set on after-school programs and health care, the main issue here is natural resource protection, to make sure the lands we love to run in stay strong and healthy and wild. Below is an excerpt from Obama's environment policy platform, which is at <a href="… />"PRESERVING OUR LANDBarack Obama believes we need a new vision for conservation that both protects our existing publicly-owned lands while dramatically expanding investments in protecting and restoring forests, grasslands, and wetlands across America for generations to come.Protect National Parks and Forests: …Obama supports the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which keeps over 58 million acres of national forests pristine. As president, he will repair the damage done to our national parks by inadequate funding and emphasize the protection and restoration of our National Forests. …Conserve New Lands: Barack Obama is a strong supporter of increased funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which supports land acquisition and maintenance of parks. As a state senator, he supported the creation of the Illinois Open Land Trust Act, which allowed the state to buy property from willing sellers for conservation and recreation purposes and make grants and loans to local governments for acquiring land for open spaces.While Americans can take great pride in our National Parks and other public lands, there are many landscapes and ecosystems which do not have adequate protection. As president, Barack Obama will lead efforts to acquire and conserve new parks and public lands, focusing on ecosystems such as the Great Plains and Eastern forests which do not yet have the protection they deserve."

  3. Argentine Rocket

    Hmmm… you may have voted already, but the League of Conservation Voters gives Obama a slightly higher "grade" than Hillary (which may be partly due to her longer record in the Senate) It seems to me they're very close on the environmental/energy issues, which is I guess as close as it gets to trail protection. Personally, Obama seems to be at least saying more of the right things that matter to me on the environmental side.

  4. northwoods bryan

    Argentine rocket,* I have already voted (on Super Tuesday),* I agree that Obama has been saying more promising things, and* Obama actually seems to mean what he says, whereas Hillary has a flawless record of saying whatever seems to poll the best for the constituency she is going for at that moment, with little relation to her subsequent actions,ergo, I think Obama is a more compelling answer to this post than the LCV scores would suggest.

  5. Trail Goat

    Everyone, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Northwoods Brian, "conserve new parks and public lands, focusing on ecosystems such as the Great Plains and Eastern forests which do not yet have the protection they deserve" definitely struck a chord with me. I dream of massive land conservation projects in the United States, including out east and of course a tall grass prairie.

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