GreenLacesWhat happens when you combine an environmentally-conscious running blog, an overworked editor, and the holidays – a post about GreenLaces! GreenLaces is simple, yet commendable environmental commitment program in which you (or someone else) makes a promise to the planet, donates $5 for a pair of green laces, and then wear a pair of green shoe laces.

We’re in favor of programs that encourage folks to make one (or more) simple changes to their lifestyle (See also Run for One Planet), as these are the sort of changes to which people stay committed and then lead to the same individuals making additional changes. (Example GreenLaces promises) Let’s call these initial changes gateway changes. But, sure, you could change your actions anyway and give the $5 to another environmental cause that resonates with you. What we love about the GreenLaces program is that they have the chance bring visibility and built community centered on environmental action in the running community. We’d love to see a majority of the runners toeing the line at our next trail race sporting GreenLaces.
GreenLacesConsider buying GreenLaces as a holiday gift for your favorite runners … or anyone for that matter. Just remember to have them make a promise for the planet before they lace up!

Any one have these or seen them on the trail?

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  1. Paige

    I've got two pair of them. Mike bought them for me a few months back and I love the way they look. I haven't transferred them to my newest shoes yet, though. They are certainly conversation starters! I've gotten lots of questions about them :) My only gripe, they don't stay tied very well. Even when I double tie them, they come undone usually on the longer runs. I'll try tucking them into my shoes next.

  2. GreenLaces

    Trail Goat and Paige,It is so exciting to see that the laces are igniting conversation. I am the founder of GreenLaces and just saw your post, and I wanted to let you know that we know about the "tie-ability" of the laces. Paige, I am not sure when you got yours, but there has been a second version that came out (the ones pictured) that tie better.We are always looking to expand our product, so I really appreciate your feedback! Have a great Holiday,Natalie Spilger

  3. Trail Goat

    Natalie,Thanks for taking the time to stop by and, even more importantly, thanks for founding and fostering GreenLaces. While your "product" is more about the message than the laces themselves, it's great that you are working to improve their performance as needed.We here at iRunFar wish you the best of success to you and GreenLaces,-Bryon (Trail Goat)

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