Going Below the Fold

Dear iRunFar readers,
You may have noticed that for some of the most recent posts only a portion of the post is displayed when you come to iRunFar. If you start to read a post and want to read more… well, just click “Read more!” Occasionally, I’ll include linked phrases like “below the fold” or “after the break” in a post. When you see such a link, clicking on it will take you to the full post. Due to programming limitations, the homepage will display “Read more!” even when I post an entry in full. However, I don’t see this as a negative, as clicking “Read more!” on full posts will bring you to the valuable comments of other readers.

I’ve made this change (and hopefully improvement), as I occasionally post some longer entries. It’s my hope that using summaries on the iRunFar homepage will make it easier for less frequent visitors to learn of more content.

Please let me know what you think of this change. Does having to make one click discourage you from reading full articles? Has the change led you to learn of more posts than you otherwise would have? Any technical difficulties? I’ll hold off on reformatting past entries until I hear that this change is useful. Thanks for you input!