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[Update: We long ago disable the iRunFar forum]

For years, iRunFar readers have been asking for a discussion forum. Well, now they have it. I’m happy to announce the official launch of the iRunFar forum.* Go there to discuss upcoming races, your favorite trails, training, gear, or anything else that tickles your trail running or ultrarunning fancy. It’s also a great place to ask questions and learn from iRunFar’s community of readers.

If you’re looking for the forum in the future, there’s a link to the forum in the lefthand corner of iRunFar.

That’s it. Now go check it out!

* Yes, we previously soft launched it for a contest and a few folks have stumbled on in over the past two months.

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  1. adamiata

    While I'm not someone who requested a forum, I think this a great idea. Hopefully this will fill the gap between the listless other trail forums out there, and that bloated email list (it's not 1991 anymore).

    Thank you, Bryon.

  2. Rob

    Thanks Bryon having a forum is a good idea!

    BTW, you know you can interface with the UltraList w/o having to get millions of e-mails.

    1) Send an e-mail message to "" with "set ultra nomail" in the body (this will stop all the e-mails from coming but still leave you subscribed to the list)

    2) Access the UltraList via the web interface. Go to:
    Login via the e-mail/password you initially used to subscribe to the UltraList (you can request a password if you forgot)

    3) Viola! You can now read, reply, post etc… So much easier and you can access the UltraList archives too. It's not the best format, but much better than getting inundated with e-mails.

    I've been a regular UltraList member for a long time (13-14 years?) and have been interfacing with the List this way for most of that time.

    Good luck!

  3. mylesmyles

    No post on the Runners World Trail Running issue you put together? I got it in the mail last night. It explains the request for info on different trail running cities.

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