Dreaming Long Dreams

I sit here barely having run the past three weeks terribly frustrated with my body and with not being able to run. However, that’s not stopping me from daydreaming big dreams. :-) A desire has been building within me to tackle some intermediate length trails end-to-end. In the past I’d envisioned running these trails in a supported manner, but I’m getting the urge to just go out to a trail head… and, well, just go. The thought of this excites me greatly. I have some specific trails in mind,but am not about to share them yet.

This new idea raises far more questions that I would have imagined, but here’s a few. To start, do I have the courage to try one of these? Seriously, I am a big time scaredy cat. Most of the time I wouldn’t use a pacer in a 100 if it weren’t for the fact that I’d be scared shitless without one. (This happened when I dropped my pacer with 15 miles to go at Western States in 2005.) Also, as I’ve barely ever camped, let alone fast hiked or tried something like this, I haven’t a clue what kind of gear I would need. Where would I start looking for a pack? What’s the lightest shelter/sleeping arrangement that I can get away with. How would I take care of food and water? So much to learn. Anyone who reads this ever run/walked a trail in the 100-300 mile range? Know of someone who has? Please get in touch.