… Come in Threes

Today, I had three memorable firsts.

(1) I made my first mortgage payment. Only 359 to go. :-) And since I’m in the process of breaking through the running/non-running life barrier with this entry, perhaps I should post some house pictures soon.

(2) I purchased my first piece of art. I found this in Cloud City Coffee House in Leadville, CO last Friday. I didn’t pull the trigger then… except on my camera. After mulling it over and receiving the advice of my personal Art Committee, I called the coffee house to see (a) if it was still available, (b) how much it cost, (c) and if they’d ship it. The respective answers (a) yes, (b) as inexpensive as I thought AND the artist had authorized a 30% markdown(!), and (c) sure… it would go out this afternoon. Without further ado:

It’s a seen facing north from the heart of Leadville. I love the color fields (I love Rothko) and think this will go nicely in my red dining room. Not only is the painting cool, but I’ll have a constant reminder of a town I really love.

(3) I was interviewed in a professional capacity by the trade press.