Liza Howard

is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

Age-Old Runners: Bob Hearn

An interview with Bob Hearn about his competitive ultrarunning after age 50.

Age-Old Runners: Roy Pirrung

An interview with Roy Pirrung about his successful, healthy, and prolific masters running.

Age-Old Runners: Denise Bourassa

An interview with Denise Bourassa about her competitive trail ultrarunning at age 50.

Age-Old Runners: Jeff Browning

An interview with 48-year-old Jeff Browning about how he runs at a high level in middle age.

Age-Old Runners: An Introduction

An introduction to iRunFar's new article series, 'Age-Old Runners' by Liza Howard.

A Trail Runner’s Guide to Mountain-Lion Encounters

A trail runner's guide to mountain-lion encounters.

Trail First Aid: Snakebites in North America

How to treat snakebites that occur on the trail in North America.

Trail First Aid: Overhydration

How to prevent and treat overhydration (exercise-associated hyponatremia).

Trail First Aid: Allergic Reactions

How to treat allergic reactions on the trail or in a remote location.

Trail First Aid: Wound Management

A how-to for treating wounds on and off the trail.

Trail First Aid: Frostbite

How to treat and prevent frostbite and other non-freezing cold injuries while trail running.

Trail First Aid: Hypothermia

How to identify, prevent, and treat hypothermia on the trail.

Trail First Aid: Head Injuries

How to identify and treat a head injury when trail running.

Trail First Aid: Unusable Musculoskeletal Injuries

How to splint unusable musculoskeletal injuries in remote locations.

Trail First Aid: Lightning Safety and Injuries

A trail runner's guide to mitigating lightning risk and caring for lightning injuries.