Ian Torrence

has completed more than 200 ultramarathons, with 50+ wins, since his first ultra finish at the 1994 JFK 50 Mile. Ian and his wife, Emily, are online coaches at Sundog Running. Information about his coaching services can be found at SundogRunning.com.

My Brother, Chris Martinez

Ian Torrence pens a memorial to friend and race director Chris Martinez.

Scratching the Surface: Preparing for Poor Underfoot Conditions

How to navigate difficult underfoot conditions when trail running.

Preparing for Steep Events When Mountains Aren’t Available

How to train for a mountain race when you live where it's flat.

Mustering Motivation

Coach Ian Torrence's tips for running when your motivation is low.

Quick Turnarounds: Recover and Train During a Full Race Season

How to recover and train between closely spaced races.

Treadmill Training: Welcome to the Machine

Tips for treadmill training.

The Emboldening Time Trial

How time trials can help you improve fitness and prepare for specific race terrain.

Periodization: It Isn’t Rocket Science

How to periodize your trail and ultramarathon training.

Cross Training for Runners

Cross training for runners.

Take It Easy: The Benefit of Backing Off

A how-to for keeping your easy runs "easy."

No Shortcuts: The Importance of the Long Run

A guide to the importance and execution of the long run in endurance running.

Don’t Stress Out: Understanding Training Stress

Understanding the elements of purposeful stress and then recovery in endurance run training.

Worth The Effort

Reasons to run by feel and how to do it.

Anti-Doping Measures Take To The Trail

An examination of anti-doping efforts made during 2016 in the trail and ultrarunning community.

Variable-Effort “Gear-Changing” Workouts

Ian Torrence describes the purpose of and how to do gear-changing workouts.

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