Astronomical Occurences

As you likely know, today marks a major annual astronomical occurrence…. ONLY THREE MONTHS UNTIL AUTUMN!!! :-D

For me, autumn can’t come soon enough. Anyone else for eliminating July from the calendar? Be gone ye vile month of steamidity and gawdawfulness. Go back to the unimaginably horrid place from which you surely came. Back, back July lest I be forced to engage you in a furious, seemingly interminable conflict from which it is certain that only one of us will emerge. Fine. Not leaving? Then bring it. Oh July, the mid-Atlantic has no fury like an uncomfortable, overheated Bryon. Consider this your warning, July – it’s just about go time.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Isn't it just the best, Angie? If I try hard enough, I can already smell the crispness in the air and hear the leaves crunching under my feet. Being in shape for fall – that should be a good motivator for me. :-)

  2. angie's pink fu

    the crisp air, the dry leaves crunching, the perfect weather…of course, that doesn't really occur in the desert heat of Tucson, but it does on the nearby mountains! sometimes I love living inthe desert, but come fall, I definitely miss living back east.

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